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My Favourites from Hotel Chocolate

by Laura
The main issue I find with being allergic to dairy is that feeling of ‘missing out’ on the things that previously I’ve enjoyed, or desserts I see on restaurant menus that I can’t eat.
The main one, being a chocolate lover is that I can no longer enjoy milk chocolate. After an embarrassing amount of time sulking over this, I decided a better use of my time is to find alternatives that will replace my beloved milk chocolate.
With winter well and truly upon us, I always associate this with hot chocolate- so my first mission was to find some hot chocolate I can have with almond milk- enter Hotel Chocolat ‘Classic Drinking Chocolate.’ Its 70% dark chocolate flakes, but it doesn’t taste bitter or leave a nasty taste in the mouth, and made sweeter by the almond milk I use! I also use this in baking, sprinked on top of, or in a mixture of buns which is very tasty, and adds some more flavour. I find mixed in this way it tastes more like a milk chocolate would rather than a dark chocolate which I don’t like!
Whilst in the shop searching for my hot chocolate, I came across the ‘Chocolate Hazelnut Spread’ which.is.amazing. The first time I tried it, I knew it was a winner. Its even tastier than a nutella spread, and tastes like you’re eating milk chocolate which is a huge bonus for me. I’ve been baking using the Pure spread which is dairy free, so I decorate the buns or cake with this spread on top and then sprinkled on that I use the drinking chocolate flakes. The result is AMAZING, it doesn’t taste like a rubbish alternative that you resign yourself to eat purely because anything else makes you poorly, it’s a proper treat!

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