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Hazelnut Chocolate Booja Booja Truffles

by Laura

When I heard about the Booja Booja truffles I wasn’t sure if they would be just like any other dairy free truffles I’d tried- that, to summarise, do not taste like normal truffles.

To say I was impressed would be an understatement, in-fact, I bought a box on saturday, and by Monday I was hightailing it to Waitrose to buy some more!

They contain no dairy, no soya and are gluten free and organic. To say there are none of these allergens in them are remarkable, especially as they still taste so good! I’ve had the Hazelnut Chocolate Truffles and they are amazing, the outside is covered in a cocoa and once bitten into it is a creamy chocolate with bits of hazelnuts in.

They are pricy at £6.99 for a box of 9, but I think for a luxury box of chocolate, this price tag isn’t outrageous. Added to the luxury factor, that the factory which makes the chocolate is completely dairy free is hugely comforting and worth paying a little extra for- to know with certainty you can eat delicious chocolate with none of the effects! On the Booja Booja website, it says, Our factory is dairy free and everything we make is dairy free. There is no dairy detectable in our truffles and dairy free ice cream alternative. We test for Casein (the protein found in cow’s milk) to ensure that it is less than 2.5 parts per million for all of our products.”

Booja Booja also have an Easter egg that is hand painted by artists in Kashmir, which I plan to ask for Easter- there might be less chocolate in these than there would be in a bigger conventional dairy free Easter Egg- but at least this way I know its actually chocolate I will enjoy instead of having a nibble on it then sticking it in the back of the cupboard! 

That I can honestly claim if I didn’t have an allergy I would still enjoy these chocolates is a big deal for me- I’ve never said that in all of the chocolates I’ve tried! I’ve not tried the other flavours that are on sale by the company, but when I do I will report back!

The website for these chocolates can be found here: www.boojabooja.com

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