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Dairy Free Pancakes

by Laura
Strawberries and Chocolate Pancakes!

For the pancake batter, I used Delia’s recipe found, here. I think if I use this recipe again, I would use far less ‘butter’, I don’t like to cook in butter, so I would use something lighter in calories next time- perhaps the 1 calorie ‘Fry light‘ cooking spray.

I replaced the butter in the recipe with Pure Dairy Free Spread, which is my favourite butter replacement and acts the most like butter in cooking. I used almond milk, the Blue Diamond Almond Breeze almond milk is the best one I’ve tried, I prefer this to soya milk, It tastes much sweeter which I think is better!

My chocolate spread is vegan, and tastes exactly like melted milk chocolate in a jar- amazing! This is liquid straight out of a jar from the fridge, and then I also filled the pancake with strawberries! The consistency of the chocolate is like you’ve just melted a chocolate bar in the fridge which is why I chose to use this spread over a more solid spread which is of a Nutella type consistency- of which my favourite is Hotel Chocolates Hazelnut spread.


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