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Kallo Chicken Gravy

by Laura

This is a bit of a random one… the type of chicken gravy used during Sunday dinner isn’t usually the main topic of conversation, however- this is the best.gravy.ever! When my beloved Bisto chicken gravy was taken away from me upon discovery the flavourings contain Milk, I thought I was doomed to dry chicken and roast potatoes forever, however, I have found the solution!

Find Kallo Organic Chicken Gravy in the FreeFrom aisle in Sainsbury’s!

The gravy is Gluten and Lactose free, is organic and when served to my grandma she said it was the best gravy she’d tried! I found it in the FreeFrom aisle in Sainsbury’s, and it really is the tastiest gravy I’ve ever had, and really enhances the taste of the food- whereas some are watery and tasteless, this has a taste of chicken, some slight sage and a hint of rosemary.

Amongst the other things I urge you to try- from my newest chocolate obsession to my recent discovery of dairy free biscuits, this seems rather bland and boring, but I really would try this, it really adds more flavours to the meal.


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