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Easter Chocolate Nests (& Bunny Rabbits)

by Laura

Easter nests aren’t a new idea, I’m aware, but I wanted to share the kind of chocolate I used- as I’ve said in previous posts, the usual type of chocolate available in the allergy aisles I find to be gross, each time I try and convince myself that this new flavour or brand will be different, they never fail to disappoint. That was why I was extra motivated to try the Hotel Chocolate ‘milk free milk chocolate’- of which I did a first impression review found here.

I decided to melt down this chocolate from the Bunny Lick, because though I use their dark Vegan chocolate for chocolate chunks in cookies, dark chocolate isn’t my favourite, and I thought a whole chocolate cluster of dark chocolate would be too bitter for my taste!

The milk free milk chocolate worked a dream in this, it melted like ordinary chocolate, it doesn’t coat the cornflakes as thick as a normal chocolate, and when it’s set it isn’t a solid block, it crumbles away easier, but personally I prefer this as I don’t want to bite into a hard cornflake mass!

I topped the mixture with Jelly Beans, as replacement eggs, and some mini chicks for decoration.

My rabbits Alfie & Trevor loved my flowers- my favourite Easter Bunnies!


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