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My Dairy Free Chocolate Milkshake!

by Laura

Lately, I’ve been having the strongest cravings for a chocolate milkshake, a thick chocolately drink that tastes like the real thing! I used to be obsessed with the milkshakes that are made with milk, different types of chocolate bars and ice-cream, obviously the days for these are very much over for me, so… I have made my own!
This is ridiculously easy, and tasty, and takes only a few minutes to make!

All you will need:
– Your favourite type of dairy free milk- my choice is Blue Diamond Almond Milk
– Dairy Free Ice-Cream in your chosen flavour- I chose Swedish Glace Divine Chocolate 
– Dark Chocolate chocolate flakes- I used Hotel Chocolat Classic Drinking Chocolate Flakes
– A blender- I used my Breville Blend Active
– A strawberry for decoration
– A glass to drink your milkshake from! Mine is from Waitrose.

1. Measure out the amount of milk you will need to reach around 3/4 of the glass you will drink it from, and pour this into your blender.
2. Add around 4 scoops of your chosen ice-cream, then blend
3. Taste your milkshake, if the ice-cream isn’t strong enough taste wise and you can taste more milk than chocolate (or strawberry or vanilla, dependant on the flavour ice-cream you went with!) then add more ice-cream until the flavour is stronger.
4. Add 2 tea spoons of your shaved chocolate flakes into the mixture, and again blend.
5. Check the taste again- if the mixture is flavoursome enough then you’re ready to pour it into your milkshake glass, if not, then add another tea spoon of chocolate flakes, as these have a stronger flavour than the ice-cream and so will give your milkshake more taste.
6. Garnish with a strawberry, and I sprinkled some more chocolate flakes over the top, for decoration as well as taste.


The ice-cream I used was by Swedish Glace, which make dairy free ice-cream, but the one I liked, the ‘Divine Chocolate’ currently isn’t on any of the supermarkets websites. They do also sell a Vanilla and a Raspberry, but I am hoping they will re-stock the chocolate one!
My favourite dairy free ice cream is by Booja Booja, in the flavour ‘Hunky Punky Chocolate’ but honestly, at 5.99 a carton, I think it’s just too expensive to throw in a milkshake, and I prefer to eat this much more conservatively, but taste wise, if you’re having a special treat of a milkshake, the Booja Booja one is far superior taste wise to the Swedish Glace one. I would recommend you taste the Hunky Punky Chocolate ice-cream if you want a dairy free chocolate ice cream treat!

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