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by Laura

Eating out with an allergy is a bit of a pain when you have to go through the menu with the waiter asking if dishes have dairy in them- it gets a bit old. It is refreshingly nice, when you get a menu and it has a key, telling you what allergens dishes have in them, without having to ask about individual ones. Filmore & Union is healthy, and tells you what contains dairy, gluten, and which are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. I think this idea should be used on every menu as it makes life so much easier, and means you can choose straight off what will be suitable for your needs.

Not only is the key helpful, but the food was delicious and healthy! I had a “Raw Choco Fix” smoothie- almond milk, raw cocoa, raw cashew nuts, banana and agave syrup- delicious! The banana is a strong flavour and tastes like a lighter milkshake, I would definitely reccomend this- it’s gluten free and vegan.
I also got poached egg on toasted rye bread, which had a hummus salad with it. This was very tasty, lots of different flavours added in with the hummus and textures with the egg and the rye bread.
There are also many different healthy desserts, some of which are suitable for vegans, dairy free and gluten free people!
I would definitely reccomend visiting if you are in the Leeds, Wetherby or York areas of the UK! It’s lovely to go somewhere safe in the knowledge they will definately cater for your dietary requirements!


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