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Florida Dairy Free Finds.. (Part 1)

by Laura
So Delicious Coconut Milk Frozen Desert
 Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl flavour- this is literally a dream, you really wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between this and dairy ice-cream, it tastes of an- importantly non sickly! – Reece’s peanut butter cup, and if you’re friends are eating ice cream you’re sure to not feel like you’re missing out on the fun if you get this. This is also Vegan, soy free and gluten free! This comes in many other flavours including plain chocolate, so investigate the rest of the range if you’re not a peanut kinda gal.
In a gluten free cone!


Whole Foods Vegan Pizza:
As someone who has never found a good cheese substitute that I like, finding yummy vegan pizza has been my challenge, one I was very happy to concour this holiday, by finding Wholefoods Vegan pizza. The pizza tastes exactly like a plain margarita with normal cheese, and made me very happy indeed, as you can tell in the photo! I made my friends take me back to get more so often he knew my order before I’d reached the counter. The smoothie/ juice bar is also a dream, as is the salad bar, which has everything you could ever want to eat on it! If you’re ever by a whole foods, dairy free or vegan or not, you should definately try the pizza.
Lucy’s Sugar Cookie

I found these cookies after a huge craving for some sugary biscuits, I must be honest and say I didn’t hold that much hope out for the cookies as when I’ve usually tried foods that are free from pretty much everything they usually then also lack taste. However! These cookies are delicious, they have that ‘snap’ every great cookie has, the sugar on top means it’s a real sugar fix, and the biscuit actually tastes like a biscuit despite it being free from egg, dairy, wheat, peanuts and tree nuts. I really like that they say they never let these ingredients in the factory so there is no chance of cross contamination which lets you eat these without a worry! My only slight gripe is that they don’t smell like freshly baked cookies and I didn’t really like the smell they had, but the taste made up for this. The cookies are also Gluten free and Vegan.

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