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Kallø Treats!

by Laura
The lovely people at Kallø recently sent me some goodies to try out, after seeing how much I enjoyed their chicken gravy! (blogged about here) I have tried out two products: the Blueberry and Vanilla wholegrain low fat rice and corn cakes, and the Quinoa and seeds multigrain cakes with sunflower sesame and pumpkin seeds (phew what long names!)


The Blueberry and Vanilla corn cakes are vegetarian and vegan friendly, and are 35 calories a pop- all things I like! I have been eating these for breakfast- tasty breakfast snacks are hard to come by when you’re always in a rush to get off to work, so its been nice to just be able to throw some yogurt and berries on top of these! For toppings, I would recommend, as pictured, the Alpro yogurt- Plain with Almonds with blueberries and Hotel Chocolat dark chocolate, or strawberries with desiccated coconut and honey. 
The Quinoa & Seeds, are vegetarian, vegan and gluten free- and again very low calorie at 38 each. For toppings, I enjoyed two- hummus with black beans and a lime juice drizzle, and an avocado dip. The avocado dip is made with a whole avocado, half diced into small pieces, and the other half smushed up by pressing a fork into it, then I added 3 tablespoons of sweet corn, 3 tablespoons of black beans, and a squeeze of lime juice, all mixed up (this is also a great dip to use with tortilla chips, or on toast!)

Here is a video of some more ideas for toppings to put on your Kallø  products that the chef and food writer Tess Ward has created for Kallø:




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