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My Dairy Allergy Acne.

by Laura

Acne is one of those ‘hush hush’ topics that many people have, but no one really likes to discuss. The fact of the matter is, many people have it, no one wants it, and people will go to great lengths to get rid of it. Despite having good skin growing up, the occasional hormonal breakout on the chin aside, during my second and third years at university something started going wrong with it. I got pretty bad acne on both of my cheeks, my back, and the occasional breakout on my chest. It led to months and months of upset trying to get my skin back to any form of semblance of what it was, buying the ‘best’ skin care, and creating a strict regimen for keeping my skin bacteria free, and I went on a very healthy diet and exercise routine. NOTHING was working, everyone around me became a skin expert, telling me to do this and do that to get rid of the spots, but nothing at all worked. Until one day of googling took me to a page about how allergies affect your skin. Knowing I had an allergy to dairy, I figured that maybe it could be linked, and so I followed advice and cut it out completely from my diet (before this I kept being naughty and put up with horrendous stomach pain more than I should have because chocolate was my life. RIP.)

Some science behind all of this, is that having  a food allergy is basically your immune system over reacting and rejecting said food from your body. Your body thinks the protein (in this case the milk) as an invader that it must attack, and therefore releases substances such as histamine to fight this protein. This reaction, is the acne, which, is an outward reaction of what is going on inside. Many doctors claim acne develops on different areas of your face due to its root cause. On the cheeks, as in my case, indicates strongly it is caused from an allergy, whereas for example, kidney imbalance is one cause for acne on your chin or jaw. Dr Frank Lipman discusses how even in non-allergic people dairy can be a huge factor in acne, find the article here, it is very enlightening on some of the reasons, “There are a number of hormones in an average glass of milk (even the organic and bovine growth hormone free milk) and recently a cocktail of other chemical were found in a typical glass of milk too. Pasteurization eliminates many of the beneficial components of milk, and homogenization creates fats that are foreign to most human digestive systems.” Dairy is heavily criticised amongst leading dermatologists for acne, which now, despite stereotypes is more common for those in their early twenties than any other age group.

Within weeks of ditching the dairy, my skin completely transformed, all of the angry spots eventually faded, leaving no scars as if they were never there. Over a year on, my back is clear as a whistle, and (thankfully!!!) left no scarring.

It has now developed to the point I can no longer even eat products that have been made in the same factory as milk, if I do my stomach will very much tell me about it, and 24 hours later, like clockwork, a few angry red spots make their presence known on my cheeks. Hello old friends.
Now. Obviously a few mishaps happen, someone feeds you something after telling you 10 times that yes, they’re sure there is no dairy in this. Well, my skin will tell me my friends and family are incapable of reading food labels, and so, sometimes you’ve got to rely on your skin care to get rid of these spots before they ruin your Saturday night. So, tried and tested here are my morning and night routines to help get rid of your pesky spots.
(Let it please be known I never had cystic acne or severe acne, these were the products that work for me, I had more ‘papules’ acne and this does help with that.)

All of the products:


Camomile Cleanser The Body Shop- Fabulous for getting every scrap of make-up off
Face Cleanser First Aid Beauty- my favourite face wash for morning and after makeup removal!
Clarisonic Mia 1, Sensitive Brush Head- use once a day for a 6x better clean than just your hands!
Ultra Repair Liquid Recovery First Aid Beauty- To hydrate, Soothe and comfort after face washing
Estee Lauder Clear Difference Advanced Blemish Serum- use once a day for a clearer complexion
Ultra Repair Cream Intense Therapy Moisturiser First Aid Beauty- Morning moisturiser
Elizabeth Arden Good Night’s Sleep restoring cream- For overnight comfort and hydration
Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream- A great overnight lip mask! Also great for any patches of dry skin
Sudocrem- My life saviour in a bottle! Helps to calm down angry red spots, helps reduce the pain of them
Skin rescue Purifying Mask with Red Clay First Aid Beauty- A peel off mask to smooth skin and reduce pores.

A little bit of morning skin care to wake up to!

Evening Skin Care Vibes- Yes I have done this at 5am after a night out- committed or what!


Face Mask

Do you have any products you would recommend to combat acne?

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