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California Dairy Free Finds!

by Laura

The Pinkberry dairy free tropical mango flavour was something I was very excited to try before I went to America- and let me tell you, it did not disappoint! It is a fabulous substitute for regular fro-yo, as well as being suitable for those dairy-free gluten-free amongst us, or those wanting a low fat, no added sugar treat! It is very mango-y and tastes great with blueberries and strawberries- or, on a return visit I loved some coconut flakes on it! Its really nice to see a brand as big as pink berry making something dairy free!


Whole Foods Market- A marshmallow Vegan treat! Only found in certain stores with large counters of fresh baking products. The donut is a vegan blueberry one, also from whole foods, I also enjoyed a vegan chocolate one and a peanut butter one- though they never made it to be photographed as I accidentally ate them first..
These bite sized french twists are puffed pastry bites, with an almond flavouring. They’re Pareve, and therefore dairy free, which is very exciting for pastry! The almond flavouring and the thick layer of sugar on top of these make my mouth water at the thought of them!
Dairy Free ice cream is my ultimate favourite, and these ‘So Delicious’ minis ice creams are perfect for a hot sunny day treat! They’re made with coconut milk, these ones were fudge flavoured, but I also enjoyed almond flavour which is almost like a dairy free magnum ice cream with a chocolate coating with nuts in it. These are also soy free, gluten free, parve and vegan.
These Uncle Eddies vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are AMAZING. I apologise that there aren’t photos of the actual cookies, I’m going to come clean and tell you all I ate them all before they were photographed, (a recurring theme I’ve noticed-oops!) my apologies! They were so good that my parents ‘helped me out’ and ate their fair share of the packet, those rascals! They’re chewy and the chocolate chips are rather molten in them so they’re little pockets within the cookie that are melted and gooey! I love how many you get in a packet, I would definitely recommend you go out right this moment and get some!
Malibu Dream Ice Blended drink from Coffee Bean. The drink online isn’t DF, but the people here are so lovely and accommodating and made my drink with a choice of coconut or almond milk, and the end result was delicious! I would definitely recommend giving these ice blended drinks a try!
This isn’t a DF food recommendation, but rather a ‘if you’re in the area.’ In San Diego, the Manchester Grand Hyatt has a 40th floor bar, called the ‘Top of the Hyatt.’ I drank ‘bubbles at the top’ and it was a really lovely experience to see such great views of San Diego, you can walk to huge windows at all 4 sides of the bar to see almost a 360 degree view of the city. I would definitely say you should go at sun set to see the sun setting over the harbour!
Another thing you should definitely check out whilst around San Diego, is Coronado Island, where, at the end of Orange Avenue you will find Centennial Park, which has incredible views of San Diego and the bay. It is definitely worth a visit!

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