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Homemade Sushi!

by Laura
If you know me well (hi mum!) you will know what a big fan of sushi I am. If I had it my way it would be served for pretty much every meal. Learning that (traditionally) Japanese food does not contain dairy, when I became dairy free, myself and sushi began quite the love affair. My only gripe is having to trek to the shops to get it, so, I grabbed myself some sushi rice, some nori and a rolling mat and decided the time had come for me to learn to roll!
You will need;
A rolling mat (I got mine from Waitrose here)
Sushi Rice
Kikkoman Seasoned Vinegar for Sushi Rice (after a huge search I finally found some, here)
Sushi Nori- found here
Filling- I am currently enjoying avocado rolls, red peppers or cucumber with some kind of fish!
Soy Sauce


1. First things first, make your rice how it specifies on your packet, all different rices will have different preparation methods!
2. Once it is cooked, mix two and a half tea spoons of the sushi vingear in it, its really important you have this product in the sushi as it really does flavour it, the first time I made these I didn’t use any vinegar, and it was just plain rice and rather bland, this really flavours it up and makes it taste much more authentic.
3. Get your sushi rolling mat out, make sure you wrap cling film all around it, if you don’t, you won’t be able to reuse it, or will have a hard job washing it as rice will be all sticky in it if it escapes the nori! Lay a sheet of nori on it, shiny side down.
4. Taking the rice in handfuls (you will get very sticky fingers at this point- you’ve been warned!) and press it down into the nori, probably an inch thick, make sure to go right to either side, and leave about an inch top and bottom so that it will stick once rolled to seal the roll together
5. Place your filling along the roll, make sure to put it in a line one side to the other, and don’t add too much of this, you’re going to cut these into rolls and if you put too much in they will all spill out!
6. Time to roll! Rolling away from you, take the mat and begin to roll, taking care to keep rolling the mat but applying pressure so the roll won’t unroll when it is standing on its own.
7. Once rolled, cut it straight down the centre with a sharp knife, then put these two rolls together and do the same, repeat until the whole roll is cut into even pieces.
8. Serve with soy sauce and enjoy!

(Phew how many time can you say roll in one blog post!)



What is your favourite type of sushi roll?



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