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Dairy Free Ice Cream Smoothie

by Laura
When I spotted this ice-cream upon perusing Waitrose frozen desserts, having tasted ice cream from the brand before whilst in America, I knew immediately It’d be a winner even though I hadn’t tried this flavour. It has the creaminess of a dairy ice-cream, this flavour is ‘Praline Crunch’ and the taste of the praline is so strong and rich with little pieces of praline within it. You really don’t lose any flavour quality from this being non-dairy, sometimes you can taste that it is almost fake without the creaminess of the milk, but this is perfect!
So I decided it was the perfect opportunity, having a new ice cream to try! For this I used my Breville Blend Active Blender, my favourite almond milk by Blue Diamond, around 12 strawberries, and a couple of tablespoons of the ice cream. The end result was this milkshake. You can taste the nutty undertones, as well as the creaminess of the combined ice cream and milk, which I needed to add so that it would’t be too thick and hard to swallow! The strawberry and praline combination is full of flavour and pretty dreamy if I do say so myself! Perfect for a sunny day in the garden!
They made a perfect combination with my marshmallow treats- recipe is up on the blog next week!
I can’t wait to try other flavours of this ice cream- I have my eyes especially on the salted caramel!
Have you tried any of the other Almond Dream range? Any recommendations?

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