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Teppanyaki Leeds

by Laura
A few weeks ago, a couple of friends and I went to Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant in Leeds. I’ve always wanted to go to one of these kind of restaurants because they look so fun, so when we discovered there was one in Leeds, we were very eager to try it out.
The entire time you food is cooking, you are completely entertained by the chef, he cracks eggs and the whole group have to try to flick the shell in the bin with his spatular, he sets things on fire, he juggles, throws bits of egg that you have to catch in your mouth and, of course cooks your meal in front of you, in the most theatrical manner I have ever seen!
As soon as I told them I had a dairy allergy, they were extremely accommodating, and made sure they did everything possible to make sure my meal was as delicious as possible whilst being safe to eat. Having ordered sushi and fried rice (apparently I love rice and more rice for my dinner) the only thing that would be cooked on the teppan hot plate would be the rice, but the staff brought me my bowl from a kitchen after saying this was to make extra sure there was no cross contamination. In a strange way it is quite nice having someone cook fresh ingredients in front of you when you have an allergy because then you can see exactly what is going into your meal and you can tell him the chef himself if anything he is using isn’t suitable for your individual needs!


The sushi was delicious, you could taste how fresh it was, if I ordered again, I might get the fresh salmon my friend enjoyed- major food envy occurred!
Price wise, it is on the more pricy side, however I wouldn’t limit it completely to just a special occasion restaurant as it’s worth the money to see someone perform in front of you, as I really think thats what it is- it isn’t just a chef as is so theatrical and entertaining, there can’t be many other restaurants that will set your food on fire, then serve it to you and it still taste delicious!
Find the restaurant here: www.teppanyakileeds.com

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