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Ms Cupcake, I love you.

by Laura

Visiting London last week, I was more than excited to go to Brixton to visit Ms Cupcake vegan bakery. Cupcakes that don’t compromise flavour, whilst still being dairy free or vegan are very hard to find! These cupcakes are honestly outrageously yummy! I bought 4, all in the name of research of course, and thought I would tell you my thoughts on them!


The Chocolate Peanut Butter- I have never been wildly fond of cupcake icing, so I didn’t eat all of the icing of this. I did love the flavour, in all of the cupcakes the cake was light and airy, which without any eggs is very impressive!
The Red Velvet- I have loved Red Velvet for years, losing this was one of the hardest things of giving up dairy, and so seeing this in the cabinet I was far too overly excited! My expectations were high, and I am very happy to say this didn’t disappoint.


Whilst we’re all being honest with each other I hadn’t the highest hopes for the Chocolate cupcake. I have spoken in the past about how many various types of vegan or dairy free chocolate I’ve tried in the past, only to be thrown away when they taste nothing like the real thing. After one bite of this cupcake however, and a quick ‘QUICK TRY THIS’ to my best friend, it has been confirmed, that this chocolate cupcake was a dream. It tastes 100% like a ‘normal’ cupcake, and so you don’t feel like you’re missing out at all- if anything, its better!
The Ferrero Roche one- This is my absolute favourite of all time. Ever. As in, any time my friend comes up home from London, she will not be welcomed back by me until she has presented this cupcake to me. Ferrero Roche’s were one of my favourite things back in the day, and I have missed them ever since our parting. These cupcakes magically taste exactly like the inside of the chocolate, nutty and chocolatey and light. Having said earlier I don’t eat all the icing, I looked down and all of this had somehow gone!
To summarise, if you hadn’t noticed, I love Ms Cupcake. Is it too  much to move to London just for a bakery?! I feel not. So if you’re in the area, definitely go pick yourself up a cupcake (or 10) … and then FedEx one straight to my door, please and thank you.

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