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Acne Coverup Makeup

by Laura
When it comes to covering spots and acne, I’m pretty much Elsa from Frozen- conceal, don’t feel, don’t let it show.
I have therefore over time come up with a pretty good makeup routine to cover my pesky little spot friends… we’ve all been there pre-night out when you’re seeing the acne in the mirror and throwing a tantrum that you’re not going out because you’re never going to be able to cover them, and really, from one girl to another, 3 layers of foundation will not help- however, tried and tested, these products might do the job for you!
The primer;
I’ve been using Make Up Forever’s Skin Equalizer ‘Radiant Primer’ – this is the one from light to medium skin. This isn’t my favourite product application wise, it isn’t a creamy easy to rub in product. However I love the finish it gives, and I think especially under a rather heavy foundation, it is a really good one to give some glow, and it stops any make up over the top of it giving that flakey look around the edges of spots.
The foundation;
Estee Lauder Double Wear is one of those foundations I think every girl needs, if not to wear everyday, then to wear when either their skin isn’t the best, or when a long day is ahead and they need a foundation to stick with them when the going gets tough! It is my best friend when the acne spots are on my face, it makes my face one colour, even, and is a great base for concealer, as it does cover the redness around the spot, and then the concealer is just an added bonus on top of this.
The Brush;
The Sephora 55 Pro Airbrush is a great one to evenly distribute foundation in an airbrushed way, I’ve tried a lot of other style brushes and none have been as good with rubbing in the makeup, in an even layer, it ensures it doesn’t cake at all, especially as the caking usually occurs over spots as the makeup gets caught there.
The concealer;
This concealers name sounds super dramatic- Estee Lauder Maximum Cover Camouflage Makeup for Face and Body. This says on the website how good it is to cover acne scars, so if you have those I couldn’t recommend this enough, however I use it on top of a foundation, for a full coverage look. I apply the teeniest bit imaginable to my (clean!!!) ring finger, and then dab it on a spot repeatedly until it is fully blended in. Always make sure your fingers are clean doing this, as otherwise you are just rubbing bacteria on your face, and will cause a further breakout. If you’re looking for a concealer not as high coverage as this, a good one is the Nars radiant creamy concealer, however this doesn’t last even nearly as long. The foundation and this together really do make your face have a good base, with an even complexion which is the aim of the game after all! The one I have is an older version of the one that can be bought here, it is pricey, but one tube will last you literally forever if you just use tiny amounts that you need!
The powders;
Powder is a tricky one to get right, some powders dusted on top of your make up can make it look very cakey and like you are wearing inches of  makeup, which is not a good look, this one I got to wear with Armani Luminous Silk foundation I wear on a good skin day, but this works great over double wear too, lightly dusted over it sets it, and you can’t tell you’ve powdered at all- result!
I set my under eyes with something different, the Bésame cosmetics Brightening Vanilla Powder, which is a translucent powder that adds a subtle brightness to under the eyes, setting the concealer there. (For under the eyes concealer I like the Tarte under eye concealer or, again the Nars radiant creamy concealer is great for under eyes.)
The bronzer;
When you have a texture to your cheek skin, the worst thing you can do is put a highlight on your cheek bones, so I leave out that stage if I have bad skin, as it would basically mean I was highlighting my problem areas! I therefore want a pretty matte bronzer, but one that isn’t flat or cakey, so I 100% avoid the glitter. Having said that, the Hourglass Ambient Radiant Bronze in Light looks pretty shimmery and almost metallic in the compact, but once on just adds a lovely warmness to the skin and almost brightens and lifts the face, giving a lovely summery glow. Nars Laguna Bronzer also works well as it only has a slight golden shimmer, and is finely milled enough to not gather into spots or pores. I avoid a cheek contour if my skin is bad, though I’d like to note how much I love the Smashbox and the Charlotte Tilbury contour palettes when I’m having a good skin day!
The makeup brush cleanser;
This isn’t covering acne, however I thought it is important to mention a make up brush cleanser I am using right now. It is important to clean your makeup brushes after every breakout so you aren’t spreading bacteria around your face. I never used to use a proper makeup brush cleanser because some can  be expensive and I thought they were pointless when you could use products you already have, but then I realised that other products won’t sanitise and cleanse your brushes like a proper one will! I am currently using, and enjoying the one by Estee Lauder.
My pretty little makeup bag is also from a brand called Laura’s Beau and is a fabulous size for all my essentials- you can find it here!
What are your favourite products for concealing acne spots? Let me know!

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