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by Laura
Finding new shops or online places to get new dairy free or vegan treats from is always great- the more options there are the bigger the chances are of finding something yummy! I thought I would throw it back to my childhood and order a wagon wheel- my dad always used to love these so I figured I would give them a go in the vegan variety! I am very glad I did- these are delicious! The company also sell a gluten free one so you can join in on the fun too!
There are two chocolatey biscuits one top one bottom, across the top is the phrase ‘EAT ME’ with a star, across the bottom was just piped chocolate in a design. Around the side is a thin layer of one of the nicest vegan chocolates I’ve ever had, it really tastes like milk chocolate- what is this magic?! Anyway, inside is vegan marshmallow, and a strawberry jam centre, and all together it is a really tasty snack. I love the offset of the crunchy biscuit then the soft marshmallow and then the sticky jam. My only complaint is I wish they came in smaller sizes so they are more travel friendly or I could eat them in one sitting as more of a normal biscuit snack instead of a huge biscuit sandwich.
These are handmade in the UK which I love, I found these on Vegan Store- a website on which I got over excited and ordered everything in sight (more reviews to come!) but upon further research I have found a website you can buy directly from Ananda– and I discovered you can buy vegan marshmallows too. I have been on the hunt to find the perfect gelatine free marshmallow so I will keep you updated on my search!


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