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I’m in love with the (Vegan) CoCo…

by Laura
Coming into the Autumn/Winter season, a hot chocolate, for me has always been a highlight of a cold evening. I have been preparing for the season by trying out some new vegan hot chocolate- and so far, the winner has definitely been the Spanish Chocolate thick hot chocolate I purchased online at Vegan Store. The drink itself is better than most chocolates I’ve ever had- dairy free or not! It isn’t dark at all, it’s like you’ve melted a milk chocolate bar and are drinking it! It is quite thick, but if you add less powder to your milk ratio it can be thinned down if you’re not into a thick hot chocolate. I make mine with almond milk because that is my favourite non dairy milk, but you could also use soya or rice milk and have the same effect! I’m also going to use this in my baking to test it and see if it can make my chocolate cakes more chocolatey, I think it will work really well!
Last winter whenever it was a cold day of Christmas shopping I would always crave a hot chocolate and never be able to have one whilst out and about. So this season, I came up with a solution for my problems when I saw the Monbento pot. It’s officially marketed as a condiment pot you can take with you for packed lunches, however I think its a great little pot to pop in your handbag to carry hot chocolate powder in, so if you find yourself wanting one whilst out, you can just order hot soya milk and mix in your own hot chocolate! I wouldn’t trust many pots to not open themselves in my handbag and spill chocolate powder everywhere which is why I’m telling you all about this monbento one as it is so super study with a tight seal.
As I’m typing this I realise I am far too excited over carrying hot chocolate in my bag, but if you’re in the same little boat as me, maybe you’ll understand my excitement!


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