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The best Vegan chocolate in the World award goes to…

by Laura
If there was ever a vegan chocolate bar to write home about, I’m telling you- I’ve found it. You may have seen me write before that I’m not always the biggest fan of dairy free or vegan chocolate, I find it is often either tasteless or bitter, and in many cases I’d prefer no chocolate at all than a poor substitute. I had almost given up hope of finding a good substitute (and my parents were sick of my nibbled on chocolate bars lying discarded around the house!) when I found this one by ichoc in the flavour choco cookie. It’s a milky chocolate, with just a slight hint of a dark flavour, and throughout the chocolate is little bits of oreo type cookie crumbled in. Most importantly, if I didn’t tell you before I gave you it, you really wouldn’t ever know it wasn’t milk chocolate, it really is that good!


This chocolate bar and I entered a whirlwind love affair of me eating the entire thing in a weekend and having no regrets. Having bought this in a shop, and the packaging being in German I was a little worried as I like to fully obsess over the ingredients label before I buy it, so I was a little nervous! As I was writing this, I went online to see other flavours and saw that there is a warning that milk is not an ingredient but there may be traces. I usually stay far away from even traces of milk these days as my tummy and skin hate me if I don’t, but eating this I didn’t have any reaction at all, and so I am living on the wild side and ordered another bar of the chocco cookie, and also one in a white chocolate flavour called, ‘white vanilla.’ I never got to say goodbye to white chocolate so lets see if this could be a good alternative! I will continue to buy and gobble this chocolate until it makes me ill- at that point its back to the drawing board, I’ll keep you updated!

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