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Yo! Sushi platter for 2, because who wants to share it with 8?!

by Laura
Helllooo.. remember me? Well I’m back- we had a little situation that I locked myself out of my blog/ I was ill for a while and had to dramatically lay in bed for a week to garner sympathy from the masses. Anyway, I’m back now, and I’m here to stay.
Last week, a friend and I decided to live like Kings and get a 79 piece sushi take out from Yo! Sushi, and boy was I glad we did!
To say I love sushi is an understatement, I could eat it all day everyday if I didn’t fear I’d turn into a California Roll and so when it was suggested we got this I couldn’t resist! The platter was just a tad larger than expected, somehow 79 pieces of sushi didn’t seem like much when we were ordering it. I can safely say my eyes were bigger than my belly with this one- however next day leftovers are one of the best parts of a takeout no?
I think this is a great take out for a girls night in for all dairy free gals as it is completely dairy free! I didn’t realise but there are a few beef and duck pieces which I don’t eat so perhaps if we ordered this again I would ask to switch these out, but it wasn’t really a problem as my friend appeared to enjoy them! The quality of the sushi is amazing, as you will know if you’ve ever been to Yo! and It really is a great treat to get a platter like this, and was some of the tastiest sushi I’ve ever had! I wish I could make sushi like the sushi chefs!
Going on Yo! Sushi’s website I was trying to find an allergy guide so I could reassure everyone of the sushis milk free nature, and found what an amazing allergy list it has on there! I know restaurants are supposed to have these allergy menus, however if you have any allergies/ intolerances you’ll probably be aware that this isn’t always the case, and so I find it super reassuring to find such an extensive list on Yo’s website! I’m also so happy to see that literally hardly any of their has any dairy in it- the obvious exception being the desserts which is expected, and a duck dish that I don’t eat anyway so basically doesn’t count- hurrah Yo Sushi I love you. I know traditionally authentic Japanese food doesn’t have milk ingredients in them, which is actually a good read as to why, however many westernised versions of sushi have crème fraîche as an ingredient so it is nice to see a menu without any of this!
(Although side note, I’m not loving that they say the platter is suitable for ‘8 or more to share.’ No Yo, if I want to share it with just one other person then I jolly well shall! There is also the problem that I’m pretty much Joey from Friends when sharing food so 8 people eating my sushi would be all too much for me.)


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