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HI LoveLife Waitrose Brownies!

by Laura
I do love to bake, but I think we all need to be real for a minute and admit sometimes I get lazy and want to pop a snack in my bag, or eat a brownie without having to wait the pesky 20-25 minutes for them to cook in the oven- who has the patience?!
So I’ve found the best thing for my fellow lazy gals who also suffer from milk allergies, soya allergies or gluten allergies!
Waitrose LoveLife 4 Chocolate Brownies (minus 2 because I ate 2.. oops.)
I hadn’t seen the LoveLife brownies before, perhaps they’re new or perhaps my Waitrose is late to jump on the bandwagon, but whenever I spy something new it gets tossed in the trolley to be tried and tested by yours truly.
Sometimes I win with my experiments, and sometimes they taste like flavoured cardboard and I loose pretty badly. Well this time I’ve won at life and found a new staple in my cupboard! Now, I do like the ones from the CO-OP, who also have a free from range, which I can’t find anywhere online but I promise they do (they’re in yellow and purple packaging and I will find some, buy some, review them for you all, and then eat them, sometime soon.. it’s research!) But I love these as they’re packaged in small pieces of two so are perfect for taking out with you, and also they’re super yummy.
I crinkled my nose just a smidgen in judgement when I saw they were chocolate brownies, made with no milk, no soya, no gluten and… made with rice flour?! Now, as someone who has refused to eat carrot cake for 22 years on the premise that carrots are vegetables and its a complete outrage that someone would slip them into my cake, I’m not too on board with people putting rice flour in my brownies. However, regular chocolate brownies are no more, and so I stopped throwing my tantrum and ate my brownie.
Rice flour, I’m sorry for my judgement.
They’re super tasty, are somehow(?!) quite chocolatey, and, half chewy half melt-in-the-mouth as the little chocolate drops on top seem to melt on the tongue. I tried one of these warm (warmed for 20-25 seconds in the microwave) and this made them even better as they were gooey and warm and tasted like winter to me!
At £2.19 a packet, it’s 54p a brownie piece, which for a ‘free from’ item I don’t think is half bad. Especially since they taste so good!
If you have a Waitrose nearby I would definitely recommend boogying on down to it and snapping yourself up some brownies, because rice flour and all, I’m a huge fan.

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