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This is Halloween, Everybody make a scene

by Laura
Halloween is upon us! I’m not wild about the whole spook factor, despite being forced to celebrate the night at York Dungeon by my friends who are supposed to love me, I will spend the night crying about how I am not at home, safe, watching Netflix binging on the Trick or Treaters’ sweeties. Anyway, to fit in with the theme of Halloween whilst not making everyone eat jelly spiders or other creatures that you wouldn’t want to eat any other time of the year, I went with the crowd favourite cake pop- which I decorated with some green (dairy free) butter cream, bronze, green and yellow sprinkles, and some pumpkin jelly beans- I like to be themed! I found a pumpkin cup, which I think looks a little happy pumpkin and I like to imagine the cake pops as some kind of hair- just me? Okay.
Last time I baked cake pops I followed the recipe the cake pop tray came with and filled the tray up half way before putting the lid on, however they didn’t go as circle shaped as desired, so I filled those babies up as much as I could, and it gave me a far better result.
The recipe I used:
113g Caster sugar
113g Dairy free margarine (I used Pure)
113 Self- raising flour
3 eggs
Mix all of the ingredients together, fill the cake pop mould up till one half is full, pop the lid on top, then bake in a preheated oven at 180°C for around 20 minutes.
Once baked, allow to cool before you remove the lid as they might crack if you lift the lid too soon!
Make buttercream icing a margarine, some icing sugar in a bowl, then add green food colouring until the colour is as you desire!
Take a cake pop stick and stick it in the bottom of the cooked sponge, then use a spactular and wipe the buttercream onto the cake pop, then roll it into the sprinkles you desire! I then added my jellybeans, but you can add whatever you’d like!
Now the main reason Halloween is great, lets not lie, is the sugar coma that comes with it- so no one judge me whilst I eat cake pops for breakfast, lunch and dinner, thank you everyone.



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