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VEGAN PIZZA PARTY @ Ecco Pizzaria…

by Laura
As a pizza lover, I am always looking for new vegan cheese pizza hang outs which will cure my cravings, and I have found one! Ecco Pizzaria in Headingley, Leeds is officially my new favourite pizza place! I have been a few times now which lets me give a better review and feel of the place, and given me the option to try out some different pizza toppings!
For starter, I love the prawns with fresh chilli, lemon and garlic (helloooo fabulous smelling breath!) Which are super delicious and full of flavour.
I’ve tried a few different pizza toppings, my favourite overall is the ‘Ecco’ Pizza with vegan cheese, or for an all out vegan pizza, defiantly try the “Vegetali!” The cheese is, along with my beloved Whole Foods vegan cheese, the best vegan cheese I’ve ever tried, and the base of the pizza is so light, soft and smokey, which could be due to the method it is baked- in a wood burning oven- as used by Neapolitan masters. Honestly writing this is making me too hungry for life, I.WANT.PIZZA.
Now, after a starter and a whole pizza, some people may be done with their meal. Not me. I’m a trooper. I love the sorbet from Ecco- the Raspberry is pictured here, and is full of flavour and super yummy! I’ve spied some dairy free, gluten free lemon semolina cake- but whenever I’ve been, they’ve never had any- so one day perhaps!
Also, revealing that I have zero chill when it comes to finding a food place and then constantly going to the same place, I have also had a take out pizza from Ecco- which was just as yummy as when I was in the restaurant.
I really can’t recommend it enough if you’re in Leeds, and hankering after a dairy free or vegan pizza- look no further!


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