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Ben’s Deli, NYC | New York Dairy Free

by Laura
‘No dairy in the restaurant honey.’ Music to my ears.
Whilst frolicking around NYC, I came across ‘Ben’s Delicatessen’ (209 W. 38th Street) and had the best meal of all! In the subject of honesty, I ate so much that I had to check my stomach in as excess baggage on the flight home, no judgement please.
I ordered the half chicken in Ben’s barbecue sauce, with fries and broccoli- because as you can tell from my order of meat and fries, healthy eating is up there on my priority list.
After polishing off my delicious meal, I was the gift that never stopped giving, and helped my mum by eating half of her dinner too, which was the most melt in the mouth turkey I’ve ever tasted.
If you’re living life in the city, Jewish, dairy free, or just hungry in general, you will not go far wrong taking a visit to Ben’s for a meal.
…Then I went and stocked up on Jelly Beans at ‘Its’ Sugar.’ Don’t judge me.



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