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Dairy Free in Paris and DisneyLand Paris

by Laura
Whenever I’m ordering food in a restaurant, and I can’t pronounce the dish, I pull out the ol’ innocent smile and point at the one I want. This carries over to any ordering I do abroad, however when you’re also trying to tell the waiter you’re allergic to dairy, an innocent smile and saying ‘lait?’ in your best French accent apparently won’t cut it. Who knew?
So. I figured to save confusion and the waiters of Paris’ sanity, I needed to find in a solution, and I thought I’d share said solution with you all now- step up brokerfish.com
I think the company actually provides medical insurance, however, on their website they have some rather nifty food allergy cards in a wide range- from Dairy and wheat to nuts and shellfish they have one for most of the major allergies. They have them in an array of languages including; French, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic and Thai- you can just download them to your phone or print them out and show them whenever you’re worried about the ingredients in your meal- easy!
Very roughly translated, courtesy of Google Translate, this card says ‘Hi , I am allergic to dairy products. Eating foods containing casein , milk, buttermilk , cream or cheese will make me sick. Do not bring me food or drink containing these ingredients please. Recommend something else please. Thank you very much!’
Whilst in Paris for a short break last weekend, we had a night in Paris and then a couple of days in Disney Land- and I found two places in particular worth mentioning…
Bistro François Félix was a little French bistro we stumbled across as we were running round trying to fit in as much sightseeing as we could. There was live music being played inside, and we couldn’t resist dancing along the street to it and so thought it would be a cute little place to sit, relax, and have dinner. I ordered the breaded prawns and some french fries (when in France am I right?!) These are up there with some of the best prawns of my life- if you’ll know me well you know I order prawns wherever I go, so this is a huge claim. They were the whitest, meatiest prawns in the world, cooked to perfection. Combine this with lovely live music and it makes it the perfect bistro in my book.


After a long day prancing around Disney, and with an exhausted voice box from a huge Frozen sing-along which was the highlight of my life, we decided Planet Hollywood was the way to go for dinner. I had this kung pao prawn dish (oh hey prawns, how unexpected!) It was full of flavour, if on the more spicy side, yet not overly oily, I hate when food is over oiled and it ruins it, the crushed peanuts on top also added a crunch which was nice. I’d definitely recommend Planet Hollywood for anyone Gluten Free as they had a full gluten free menu attached to the ordinary one and when I glanced through, it seemed pretty extensive so would 100% be a good option- I love when restaurants are pro active in catering for those with dietary requirements!


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