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A Vegan Afternoon Tea | Sketch London

by Laura
Last weekend, I hopped on a train down to London to go visit Caroline. We decided, since it was the weekend in the middle of our two birthdays, that we’d do something a little special, and after discovering Sketch on Instagram, we decided to go there for afternoon tea.
Like the good egg she is, she rang up Sketch to see if they had a dairy free option or if we could just have a drink or two in their pink room instead of the afternoon tea, and they told us they had a Vegan menu I could order from- hurrah!
The room itself is jam packed with scolloped edged pink booths, copper accessories, and art adorns the walls, designed by David Shrigley. Stepping off the busy streets of London into this inconspicuous Mayfair townhouse, and into this excessively pink room, feels like walking into a dream world.
So the food. Without a doubt, this was the best vegan food I’ve ever had. A huge claim, I’m aware, however despite ordering off another menu to Caroline and my tiered plate looking slightly different to hers, I really wouldn’t have noticed a difference.
The Menu.
Assorted sandwiches:
Cucumber, lemon margarine on oatmeal bread
Swedish bread, fennel, baby spinach and basil oil
Sketchup, tomato, lettuce, red onions and blueberry chutney on white bread
White cabbage, chives, lemon margarine on a white bread
Vegan sultana scone
served with
fig and strawberry jam
Served from the trolley
Chocolate and raspberry cake
Sketch selection of pastries
Fresh coconut pannacotta, fresh raspberries
Passionfruit and raspberry tart
Pate de fruit
Chocolate tartlet
Coconut and pineapple lollipop
Sketch chocolate bar
Dark chocolate, figs and raisins
lemon meringue
The food is all refillable, so I feel like I failed myself hugely that I was so full by the end of it that I couldn’t have refilled it if I’d tried. My favourite sandwich was the fennel, the scone was lovely, the little chocolate tart and ‘sketch chocolate bar’ pictured above were both pretty dreamy, the bar was slightly dark, but the sweetness of the fruit in it offset this.
Whenever serves you some cake with flowers and gold leaf on it, you know you’re in the right place.
If you’ve heard of Sketch, you’ll have heard of the toilets. Never usually a highlight in a restaurant, Sketch, turning every room into an event, lead visitors to snap photo after photo of the odd, alien egg pods (are they alien eggs? dinosaur eggs? I’ve read both, who knows.) Even more confusing was a woman dressed as a Victorian maid coming out from around the back of one of these pods as she cleaned the toilets- I was bemused to say the least.
Sketch don’t make much of their vegan option, as far as I can see on their website it isn’t stated anywhere, yet they have a whole separate menu, and cater brilliantly for those with dietary requirements, never making it feel like a chore for them, so if you have any other requirements, I’d recommend calling them and asking if you’re able to eat there.
I can’t recommend visiting enough, its quite pricy at £45 for afternoon tea, but for a special occasion, with a great setting and even better food, you really can’t go wrong.


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