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March’s Dairy Free Round-Up!

by Laura
Whenever I’m eating out at a restaurant, embarrassingly I turn into that girl that sits and takes a photo of her food before she eats; this is especially true since I’ve been allergic to foods as, to be frank, its a pretty big achievement sometimes ordering something you can actually eat off some menus.
So, whilst March’s grid is shameful at the amount of carbs I apparently eat, I thought this new little monthly feature would be a good way to feature a) all the food photos I take, b) the restaurants that are allergy friendly and c) some of my recommendations in said restaurants. 
Without further ado:
(From left to right)

Row 1:
Village East, London: Brunch: Avocado, Chilli, Coriander Toast
Franco Manga, London: Sourdough pizza with sun dried tomatoes and green beans
Selfridges Kitchen, London (Ekachai): Pad Thai with prawns
Row 2:
Carluccio’s, Leeds: Lobster spaghetti
The Botanist, Leeds: Fish and chips
Sketch, London: Vegan afternoon tea
Row 3:
Gusto, Leeds: Baked rosemary focaccia bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Gusto, Leeds: Tagliatelle with prawns and garlic in sweet chilli tomato sauce (gluten free pasta)
Pizza Express, Leeds: Leggera pollo ad astra (with no cheese- the bases are vegan!)

Jeeeeez.. all the carbs, might have to cut down on them so I’m not so ashamed writing next months post!

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