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M&S Coconut Cream Dessert

by Laura
If you’ve been outside in England the past few days, you’ll have noticed there’s been bit of a heat wave out there! I have therefore been turning to the cooler treats these days- any excuse eh!- as always, I stick to my all time favourite dairy-free ice-cream, the Almond Dream Salted Caramel, but recently I’ve discovered this new coconut cream dessert from Marks and Spencer.
I spotted this whilst in London visiting some friends, we were throwing a dinner party and I decided this could be a delicious alternative to an average dessert. Being dairy free, and more recently gluten free, it can  be hard to just waltz into a shop and find a ready to go dessert, so this is a great thing discover- knowing you can just pick it up from the freezer section! Thank you to Caroline for taking these photos for me whilst I lazed on the sofa awaiting my dinner!
This isn’t coconut ice-cream as I thought, but instead, more of a hybrid between a sorbet and an ice-cream is how I’ve settled on calling it. It’s very summery with the coconut flavour, without being overpowering or false tasting as some coconut desserts can be. I think it’s a great little find, and over some tropical fruits I think this would work a charm. If you’re looking for an ice-cream to put in your cone, I’d still stick to the Almond Dream, but for a lighter option, and one that would be more refreshing after a meal, this would defiantly be the one for you!



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