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New Dairy Free Product Alert from Marks & Spencer!

by Laura
Following on from my last post, I feel like recently, M&S have really stepped up the game with their new products for the dairy free/ gluten free amongst us!
Starting with one of my favourite new finds, the flavoured dark chocolate with sugar crunch. The two I got are Mint and Orange, but there is also a cocoa nibs with sugar crunch flavour, but since I’m not wild about dark chocolate, I decided a flavoured one that masks the flavour of the dark chocolate even just a bit, would be the best option.
My favourite flavour is for sure the orange, it tastes like a dark version of a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, and I find the sugar crunch in these really helps counter the bitterness that dark chocolate has. I also think the pricing of these is great; they’re not the cheapest chocolate bars at 90p each, however they’re only around 10-20p more expensive than the average M&S chocolate bars. To anyone reading, that might seem like a silly fact to include- but if you’ve been buying dedicated free from states-on-the-tin-theres-no-allergens-in-this-item products, you’ll know they are usually rather pricy compared to the equivalent item that contains allergens, so I thought it was worth mentioning.
I’d really recommend trying these- I’ve already eaten my stash and am definitely going back for more!


Before the allergies got in the way of my favourite things (raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens aside…) I was one of the biggest lovers of M&S Belgian chocolate milk and was forever convincing myself it must be good for me because of the calcium it was giving me. I was then so excited to discover this product- a chocolate soya drink thats completely dairy free! Despite sprinting to the till to pay and then try this, I was aware I shouldn’t get my hopes up- but it’s exceeded all my expectations and is delicious! It’s chocolatey, creamy and full of flavour, I’d love to try this blended with some cocoa powder, chocolate ice cream and ice cubes to make some kind of chocolatey milk shake’d goodness!
So moral of the story- go try out M&S’s new products in their free from ranges- and don’t forget to let me know your favourite items!


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