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That’s Amore, Leeds

by Laura

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited by That’s Amore in Leeds to try out some items from their new menu. I had to report back about this pizza- I’ve been completely dairy free for over two years now, and recently gluten free for almost two months, and so pizza is a daily craving in my life! I always think it’s great when takeouts are willing to cater for allergies, and so I thought anyone in Leeds might appreciate this post, as this pizza is dairy and gluten free! I chose to have chicken and veggies as a topping, in all honesty I don’t really even miss cheese on my pizza anymore, and this tomato sauce was so tasty I think cheese might have ruined it!
They’ve just launched a brand new menu, my best friend Ellie came with me and tried their ‘black pizza’ which is made from vegetable charcoal that is famous for detoxifying the body- so if you’re on a mission for the bikini body this summer but can’t stop the craving for some pizza.. this might be the one for you!
Thank you to everyone at That’s Amore for inviting me down to try the items, and I’ll definitely be ordering this again when the next craving hits!


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