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Dairy Free Travel Guide | Amsterdam Edition

by Laura


At the end of March (shocking I’m only just writing this now, I’m terrible, I’m sorry*) Caroline and I took a long weekend break to the beautiful city of Amsterdam. To introduce this post, I’m going to include a few of my favourite finds in terms of food, and also a few hidden gems of things you should definitely get up to if you’re in town- a food and travel guide if you will.
*Also note that whilst I’ve been talking about also being gluten free, that happened around a week after this trip, so not all foods will also be suitable for coeliacs as posts in the future will be!
Herenstraat 23 1015 BZ Amsterdam 
This was a great little find whilst we strolled around the ‘nine streets’ area, and as a huge smoothie lover, I immediately popped in. Now, what’s a cafe stop without a panini?! So I had to go for the ‘Dr Avocado,’ which was avocado, tomato and broccoli sprouts in a really tasty panini. I’d definitely recommend going in here, the choice of both smoothies and food is vast and I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll love; plus, everything is healthy and they’re knowledgeable about what is in their food so they’re able to tell you allergen information!
Candy Freaks
Nieuwe Hoogstraat 4A, 1011 HE Amsterdam
I’d seen this shop online before I went to Amsterdam, I love a sweetie or two, and so Candy Freaks seemed right up my street! All of the sweets are individually labelled with all the different allergens and the ones that contain said allergen is ticked- so you can safely know what you’re eating!
I found some of the nicest vegan caramel whilst perusing, and the staff are super nice and friendly- he asked what flavours we like and then let us try all the ones he thought we’d like!
Also- don’t be put off by the fact it’s pick ‘n’ mix- in the days of Woolworths I was always the kid that would rack up a hefty bill constantly chucking sweets in the bag, fortunately, Candy Freaks isn’t extortionately priced!
Zeedijk 59A,1012 AS Amsterdam
Another day, another smoothie bar. This one was particularly special because of the caaaaake! These all looked delicious and most of them were both dairy and gluten free, so it was nice having the chance to be indecisive for once! I went with the scone and it was incredibly tasty and full of flavour- though in England we’d call it more of an almond-y flavoured cake, it was one of the best damn cakes I’ve had in a long time. The smoothies were all made fresh and Caroline even had a dark hot chocolate that was dairy free, which she said was lovely. If I had more time in the city I’d love to try their raw chocolate energy shakes!
La Place; Amsterdam Openbare Bibliotheek
Oosterdokskade 1431011 AD Amsterdam
I’m predictable. More smoothies. This time on the smoothie tour of Amsterdam, we’re in, of all places, a public library. A library would normally be the last place I’d optionally go on holiday, however I was reassured there was an amazing place to eat at the top, so I ventured inside!
There, I found a whole area that was filled with different stations of foods, there was a ‘choose your own topping’ pizza station, an ‘English’ section with roast chicken and all the trimmings- you get the picture. I chose the stir fry area- you pick your veggies in a bowl and choose your protein, and they cook it up in front of you- I love this as I can literally see what the chefs are putting in my food so there’s no hidden surprises! This was so tasty it was one of my favourite finds of the whole time we were there! The photo below the noodles is another reason to visit- an amazing view of the whole of Amsterdam and the water; not one to miss!
Where to go
The Amsterdam Sign 
Hobbemastraat 19, 1071 XZ Amsterdam


This sign is crawling with tourists all day, so you need to go first thing- we snuck in before breakfast and beat the crowds- otherwise you’re not going to get a good photo and will get lost in the sea of tourists!
The Anne Frank House
Prinsengracht 263-267, 1016 GV Amsterdam
Visiting the Anne Frank House was one of the things I really wanted to do whilst we were in Amsterdam. Despite the long queues to get inside (I’d recommend visiting on a weekday if you can, they say either early morning or at around 6pm onwards is the best time to visit for shorter queues!) we went in and went on a tour. Being in the house was incredibly moving, you have to go for yourself to understand Anne’s story and the emotions you face whilst walking around the loft the family lived in.
De Oude Kerk
Oudekerksplein 23, 1012 GX Amsterdam
If you’re not a fan of heights, perhaps give this one a miss, but the tower of De Oude Kerk was a fun one to climb to be able to see for miles across the city. I didn’t realise how literally you ‘climb’ the tower- the stairs are more ladders than stairs, which Caroline didn’t like, then up past the bells, you walk out of a little door straight out to see this view! There wasn’t much between us and the drop- you walk round on a wooden floor with just a waist high wall- so Caroline didn’t find me dancing around to be too amusing- I don’t think she’s a big fan of heights- oops. 
Singel, Amsterdam
The floating flower market is a must visit in Amsterdam, famous for being the only floating flower market. Holland is of course, famous for the tulips it produces, we wanted to go see them for ourselves- they didn’t disappoint and it was amazing to see all the colours and flowers- if only we could have gotten these home safely on the train and plane! 


So there you go! A few of my favourite finds in Amsterdam- the city is just an amazing place to stroll around and find new places, there’s so much going on, and with such a young and ‘trendy’ vibe, there’s a lot of places popping up all the time that are vegan and allergy friendly!’
Have you been? Are there any of your top places you’d recommend that I’ve missed?




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