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Swedish Glace | Dairy Free Gluten Free Ice-Cream

by Laura
Finding new products has become a little hobby of mine, recently, despite the summer weather being far more grey and miserable than I desired, I found a few moments of sunshine for an ice-cream.
I found these in Waitrose, the Swedish Glace Strawberry with a chocolate coating. I don’t usually like soya ice-cream, preferring an almond base, but this strawberry ice-cream is really delicious, with a strawberry sauce and a thin chocolate coating.
Not only is the ice-cream creamy and full of flavour, but the chocolate casing doesn’t let it down. It’s thin, tastes rather like milk chocolate, and really compliments the flavour of the ice-cream.
They’re dairy free, gluten free, lactose free and vegetarian. The ice-cream can be found in tubs, however I do like the ease of these- and the fact they have chocolate with them too…


When you can’t wait long enough for Caroline to take the photo before you’ve already eaten the prop…
So if you’re in England, and are in the mood to trick yourself into thinking it’s summer, I’d recommend giving these a try!

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