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An Update | Dairy Free, Coeliac

by Laura
I’ve been MIA lately, let me explain myself.
Firstly, I’ve been on holiday to California- tons of fun, lots of posts to follow to tell you about all the exciting products I found.
Secondly, I’ve been having tests to discover what else was wrong with my stomach, I’d still been having reactions despite having no dairy at all in my diet. We now finally have a conclusion to everything- turns out all my woes can be fixed if I abide by my coeliac diet. It’s been the biggest relief to finally figure out; hopefully once and for all, what was wrong with me!
So from now on, on this blog, no dairy and no gluten, wheat or anything else on a coeliac diet (barley, rye etc.) It’s taken a few weeks to get used to the new diet, and even longer to find the best products that taste the most similar to normal products, which is why I’ve taken some time out to get myself sorted with it all- anyone that’s got food intolerances or allergies know it’s quite a dramatic change, especially when eating out!
I’m now back to posting on the blog, with renewed ideas and new set of guidelines on what ingredients will be used, so stay tuned…


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