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Disneyland California | Dairy Free Coeliac Dining

by Laura
If there’s ever a question of who is the biggest Disney fan out there- Yoo Hoo – you’ve found her.
I’ll admit I was slightly nervous though going to Disney this year; when I went to DisneyLand Paris, it was quite hard to find something allergen friendly, however; whilst in California this was one of the best places we went in terms of ease of finding suitable things to eat.
When eating in Disney, there are a number of named eateries where they are allergy friendly, when ordering just mention you have an allergy and the chef will come out and check with you what
First up, we headed to the Jolly Holiday Bakery on Main Street- I loved the decoration, and once I explained to the chef what I could and couldn’t eat, she altered the lunch to be suitable for me- a turkey salad sandwich on a gluten free bun with some crips. I should also mention that my mum, supportive as ever, usually orders her meal within what I can eat too so I can try different things to report back which is best, or if I don’t like what I get served (lets not lie- allergy friendly doesn’t always equal tasty) then we can share- what a babe. So you can see her chicken and pecan nut salad sneaking into the corner of the photo. Sorry for the quality of the snap; it was boiling hot and the sunshine meant I couldn’t actually see what photo I was taking!
Next up was dinner at Carnation Cafe- another recommendation I’d seen before we went; this time I had the fish of the day with mixed veggies; really tasty and again, I ordered off the allergy menu and a chef also came out to make sure he could supervise the making of my food once he knew everything I could and couldn’t have.
On Mainstreet, you’ll find Candy Palace, a sweet shop with some of the tastiest sugary delights, tucked into a corner I found something that floated my little boat. Here were cookies and chocolate bars that are dairy free, gluten free, nut free, soy free and non GMO (made in a gluten and nut free factory.)
I tried the green bar of chocolate photographed below- a rice milk chocolate bar which was quite smooth in taste and very nice- though I forgot to finish it and it melted in my bag pretty nicely.. oops.
The chocolate chip crunchy cookie was my favourite find, it was, as the name suggests.. crunchy, but it was sweet and the chocolate in it could almost pass as milk chocolate. I was just pleased that Disney have seen the number of people that are looking out for these kind of snacks and cater for them; ‘Snacks with character’- Disney, you never let me down.
It’s also worth mentioning, if you’re after a snack and not wanting chocolate, in Adventure Land they have quite a large selection of fruit, the watermelon was a particular favourite of mine in the hot weather!
I think it’s great Disney are making such a conscious effort to cater for allergies, and from this trip I think they’re doing a great job!




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