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A Dairy Free Coeliac Spa Break | Ragdale Hall

by Laura

Have you ever had that one trip away planned that just falls into place so perfectly that you question your luck? That happened to us just over a week ago when we took a midweek break to Ragdale Hall spa and it landed on the hottest day of the year- what are the chances! The English summer has been less than impressive so far this year, and this break happened to land perfectly on the few sunny days so far!

I’ve written in a post in the past about being dairy free and going to this spa and how great it was, so whilst I was slightly nervous that now I’ve got a coeliac diet as well as dairy free and three days is a long time to go if you can’t eat (read: I get hangry,) the food couldn’t have been better. If you have any allergies and are wanting the most relaxing spa break ever, Ragdale Hall is your best bet.

Breakfast is brought to you in bed, which I miss hugely when I get back home! You order from a menu given to you the day before, they offer a speciality dairy free, gluten free breakfast, which if you talk to them they’re more than accommodating in altering.
In the dining room for both lunch and dinner, when you give your room number, they give you a menu that they’ve been through and highlighted the unsuitable items for you, which I think is great that they tailor every menu for each individual based on what you’ve told them you can and can’t eat.

When you’re at the lunch buffet too, each dish has a card with an allergy key on it, all of this together leads you to really trust that the food you’re eating is at once going to be super yummy, and suitable for you no matter your allergy!


The soup here is always the  best, the coconut flakes on top are a great added flavour and texture- I need to remember that! No, that isn’t a muffin I’m eating for my starter, it’s some good old gluten free bread, which was always served warm and was actually really soft inside.

Lobster tail is my favourite meal, having it at the spa where you can sit in the dining room in your dressing gown with your hair piled on top of your head really tops it all off. With prawns, potato, asparagus and hollandaise sauce, the lobster was the best meal and I had it every night I was there; guilty! If you go here, you have to try this for sure!

Sorbet- the best desert! They also offer a dairy free ice cream with is so creamy it tastes like dairy ice-cream it’s that good!


Imagine this; you’re fresh from your post facial nap, and wander into the cafe because everyone needs a snack after a nap. I was hoping to just snag a little pimms but I didn’t expect to find a dairy free gluten free cake too!

An apricot and almond cake wouldn’t be a flavour I’d normally go for, but resist the only cake I could have was not something I was prepared to do, so I grabbed a slice and went to eat it in the sun!
This was actually the best cake; the sponge was light, and the nuts added a nice texture, with the apricot topping adding a sweetness to it.

Overall, aside from the fact I love the treatments, the thermal spa and the overall vibe, food for me, is always a major aspect of any trip away. The fact that the food here was so good that it didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything, and the staff were so friendly and accommodating to what I needed that it really adds to how much you can relax and enjoy your break!



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