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Yorica! | A Free-From Paradise

by Laura


Last week I was down in London to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Whilst there, as well as nipping into Whole Foods for a restock of my favourite products, top on my list was to visit Yorica.
When planning the trip, I knew we had a few hours upon arriving in the capital before Part 1 of the play, then a few hours break before Part 2 began, so I took to Google to find somewhere in the area we could grab some food; instead of getting there and having to wander aimlessly for a while trying to find somewhere that serves dairy free gluten free food.
Yorica! stood out to me immediately; “all recipes and ingredients are free from wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs and nuts and all entirely vegan. Yorica! is where the love is. From process to product. Bye-bye allergens and intolerances!” Sounded fabulous to me, so I dragged my family to this free from paradise to see it for myself.


All of these ice creams are gluten free, vegan as well as nut and egg free, and most are soy free too. I had the cookies and cream and WOW butter, which tasted kind of like a smooth peanut butter. I topped it off with marshmallows and chocolate chips, then added some of the sprinkles as I was like a kid at a birthday party and didn’t know where to stop eating.
The decision was super challenging for me, as you can see. Since I’d spent the whole walk to the theatre raving about it, and strongly hinting ‘I WISH I’D TRIED THE SHAKE TOO’… we returned to Yorica after Part 1 of the play. Now, I’m not proud of myself for visiting the same place twice within a few hours, but sometimes you’ve gotta swallow your pride and accept the shame when your brother tells you you’re Violet Beauregarde and will have to be rolled home.


This time again I got the cookies and cream, along with vanilla and I topped it off with caramel sauce (free from everything but soy) and coconut whipped cream. Writing down what I ate as well as a lunch at Pret and also dinner, I feel overwhelmed with pride at myself that I could eat all this without popping the button on my skinny jeans- well done Laura.


There were even signs around saying please don’t bring products in that contain allergens to avoid cross contamination, and for someone for who this is the bane of their lives, it’s really nice to see that care is being put in to avoid it.
The food is all ridiculously delicious, I really don’t think you’d realise it’s all free from so many allergens, and if you’re in London, it should be top on your list.





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