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Henry Wong | Gluten Free Chinese

by Laura
Visiting my brother for his birthday, he suggested we go to Henry Wong in Birmingham. I haven’t had Chinese food since April because finding gluten free Chinese is hard, and so far near me, I haven’t found any coeliac friendly. I was so excited to try this, and let me tell you; it didn’t disappoint.
A whole dedicated GF menu means ordering is easy and there’s lots to choose from. I still had to ask about dairy free, but still, there was lots of choice, and for those who can have dairy, they even have gluten free desserts- including a chocolate fudge cake!
Huge disclaimer before I run you through what I ordered: I didn’t eat all of this myself..
First up, and hardest thing to photograph to look appetising; chicken and sweetcorn soup, a classic.
Honey pepper king prawns; one of the tastiest things I’ve eaten; if you go here, you have to order these!
King prawns with mushrooms & bamboo shoots.
I’m pretty sure it’s against the rules to not order sweet and sour chicken when getting cantonese food.
It’s amazing to find a restaurant that serves food that doesn’t sacrifice taste when making it gluten free! If you’re in the area and are after a fab restaurant, be sure to check Henry Wong out!




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