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2 Oxford Place | Leeds’ 100% Gluten Free Restaurant

by Laura
I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now. When I first dragged my mum to a fully gluten free restaurant, I admit she wan’t too excited to be going gluten free with me, but like the trooper she is, she agreed and we booked a table. It turns out, the food at 2 Oxford Place is amazing, and if you’d strolled in off the street and didn’t know;  you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s free from anything.
There’s zero gluten in the restaurant, and a full menu dedicated to dishes that are dairy free; it’s amazing eating in a restaurant that you don’t have any worries of cross contamination. For anyone thats vegan or doing veganuary; theres also a vegan menu so you can go there for some delicious food which doesn’t compromise on flavour!
It seems that whenever I go, I end up bringing home a doggie bag; when faced with a menu filled with things not usually available gluten and dairy free, it seems my eyes are way bigger than my belly!
For this reason, it also appears I order the most random combinations of food!
Whilst the menu changes with the seasons, my absolute favourite item is the fish and chips which I always order. Another big favourite is the onion bhajis- where else can you find these gluten and dairy free!

The bread here is made in house, and is so good, with so much positive feedbacks, that you can now buy the baking mix to make it yourself at home! (Pictured with DF spread.)

There are also delicious desserts. Being dairy and gluten free, the only dessert I can usually have is sorbet, so to have a menu with a few options is a rare treat! This was the summer dessert- an eton mess, which, if you see on the menu- you must order! Currently there’s a warm chocolate cake; which you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be getting at next weeks visit!
If you’re in Leeds, 2 Oxford Place is a must visit- a heads up though; you must book, as it’s so popular there’s often no reservations left!


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