by Laura
I visited New York City last in 2016, so before I went, I found lots of places to eat, plotting them on a Google Map, so wherever I was in the city, I could see which one I was near whenever I was even slightly hungry. I also went in 2015, so check out that post if you’re interested in other DF options (this post is fully DF and Coeliac friendly!)


Friedman’s – Chelsea Market

I’d recommend wandering around Chelsea Market even if you’re not gluten free just for the experience, however if you are GF, make sure you make a trip to Friedman’s. Offering a ‘host of gluten free’ options, I ordered the chicken sandwich and sweet potato fries. Honestly the best GF sandwich I’ve ever had; so much chicken too! Most of the menu can be made or adapted to be DF GF.
There’s also a permanent flea market in there- ‘Artists & Fleas.’ I’d never been to a flea market before so was very excited to see “the best of independent Brooklyn art, design, fashion, vintage and more in a dynamic marketplace.” There’s some amazing jewellery, and some great trinkets which would also make great gifts! This is just below the High Line; which if it’s a good day, you must visit for the views of various parts of the city, walking along a 1.45 mile linear park, built on an elevated section of a disused railroad spur.

230 Fifth Rooftop Bar

With amazing views of the Empire State and New York’s skyline, this rooftop bar is a must see! There are little igloos to sit in, and dressing gowns if you’re chilly; a must visit!

Noglu NY

Noglu is one I was desperate to visit; tricking my family into walking an hour just to go, ‘there’ll be cake and hot drinks at the end of this…’ It didn’t disappoint; a fully gluten free cafe which began in 2012 in Paris. I had a yummy juice, vegan cake and a chocolate muffin which tasted so much like the real thing I had to double check it was actually dairy free. Well worth the trip- make sure you try the chocolate muffin, I’m super jealous if you do.

Olio e Piu

I ordered the pizza and my mum ordered seafood pasta, then we went halves which turned out to be a winning combo! Really cool vibe in the restaurant, delicious food, and they’re really clocked on to their items and ingredients so you can feel really relaxed whilst ordering.

 Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit


I’d written on my map ‘MUST GO’ and it worked out really well; about two blocks away I hadn’t eaten in at least 15 minutes and decided I was desperately hungry so ducked into Chloe’s. With soft serve fruit- all DF, GF, and multiple toppings, this was a great snack. There are also ‘fruit pops’ which seem to be very popular! This particular shop was right  next to Union Square which had on a really lovely market full of fresh produce which was fun to wander around!

HU Kitchen

HU kitchen is very much my kinda place. ‘We wanted a place we were comfortable with every ingredient. So we opened one.’ Lots of small batch, artisan foods are packed up in fridges, as well as fresh smoothies and juices. The hot section was where it was at; my mum got the roast chicken, sweet potato and veggies, which was delicious; packed full of flavour (beware: you’ll need a pack of chewing gum handy for the amount of garlic…) I got the paleo pizza, which I admit to being nervous to try as I’ve never been on the paleo bandwagon, however it was amazing, and great to know it’s made from ingredients you can pronounce. I love going somewhere where ‘Dairy Free Gluten Free’ is written on the majority of items on the menu. It’s not the cheapest, but I would really recommend this for the health conscious/ those that want a really tasty meal which will leave you very full!

Urban Space

This was just by our hotel, so we swung by before our flight home. It’s one of New York’s most ‘buzzed about’ food halls, with small ‘artisan and food driven’ markets. This made me feel like a mega tourist as we mingled in with the business men and women on their lunch. Bangkok Bar was the place I chose to eat; going with my standard fave, a prawn Pad Thai.

Radio City Music Hall


I couldn’t mention this trip without talking about the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall. An amazing show I’ve been lucky enough to see two years in a row, and hopefully will see it for many Christmas’ to come! If you have the opportunity to see this show; you won’t be disappointed!


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