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🐣 My Top Dairy Free and Gluten Free Easter Eggs! 🐣

by Laura
It’s only a few short weeks until Easter Sunday is upon us, and whilst it’s obviously not the main focus of the holiday, everyone wants the Easter bunny to have brought them something yummy. These are my two favourite top picks for Easter eggs this year- the Sainsbury’s ‘Choc egg & Disks’ and Marks & Spencers ‘Made without Dairy Dark Chocolate Egg.’

I had the M&S one last year, and whilst it would have been good to change up the packaging slightly,  I was pleased to see it back in stores this year and in reality- how cute are these bunny ears! Whilst it’s a dark chocolate, it doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste which is my biggest peeve of dark chocolate. It comes with a generous side of chocolate buttons too which is always a bonus.

As I write this, I’ve accidentally opened the M&S Easter egg (oops..) and, full disclosure, I’m dipping it in my favourite dairy free milk chocolate spread by Plamil which side note- is the best thing ever and if you can’t have Nutella it really is the next best thing for baking, toast and Easter Egg dipping shenanigans. 

I’m sure I’ve spoken before about how much Sainsbury’s have stepped up their free-from game, so seeing this on the shelf, no matter how many weeks it is until Easter, I had to pick one up! I kind of love how much of a throw back it is to when I could eat dairy- whilst the packaging might not be as adult friendly as it could be, the fact it shows the egg and the additional treat reminds me of traditional Easter eggs. The chocolate inside doesn’t disappoint, one of the closest to the taste of milk chocolate I’ve found. A slightly dark taste but really-what are we expecting here!
If you’re looking for an Easter egg for yourself or a loved one I really would recommend these two- if I find any others I like just as much I’ll keep you updated but I’ve tried a lot of the most common free-from brands and these are by far the best. 
A word to the wise- these sold out way before Easter Sunday last year so I wouldn’t leave any Easter bunny duties until the last minute!

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