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Pure Pots and Meals | A Dairy Free Gluten Free Lunch

by Laura

I’d like to come clean and admit that as a full time working gal, life can get a little hectic and I can get a little lazy. Making my lunch has never been high up on my list of priorities and I found myself in a bit of a rut- salad became a little boring as did soup and it’s almost impossible to find any dairy and gluten free ready meals in a supermarket which don’t need to be oven cooked.
So, when I saw that Pure have brought out ‘pots’ and ‘meals’ I knew I had to try them! I’ve spoken before about their sunflower spread- I only use this one now; great for everything from spreading on your toast to baking with.

I’ve tried all of the pots and meals apart from the sicilian chicken pasta with borlotti beans and kale and the spicy Singapore chicken noodles with carrots & beansprouts pot which is only because I haven’t seen these ones yet; either they’re more rare or everyone in my Waitrose loves them and buys them before I get a chance!

My fave pot for sure is the chicken and prawn paella with quinoa, red peppers and peas- and not just so I can sass back into work and pretend to be uber healthy having quinoa! Even without the free-from aspect, I’ve always found it really hard to find a paella without chorizo in- since I don’t eat red meat or pork, this one is PERFECT! This one has fresh kale on top, then layers of all the ingredients- all of which are incredibly fresh which is the main attraction of all these pots- they’re not heavy and unhealthy as many microwave meals tend to be! Also- major shoutout to the chicken in these pots, really white and tender!

These pots are also really filling- which maybe you wouldn’t expect from a lunch pot- but since they’re all packed full of goodness they seem to really fill me up! With only a few hundred calories in each you can get a nice little meal with no guilt!

 This sweet chilli chicken noodles is also super tasty- quite hot but that might just be me being sensitive Susan.

 The meals are bigger than the pots, perhaps more of a dinner time treat than a lunchtime- though I haven’t let that stop me. Everyone in the office was really happy with me when I came back through the door announcing I was having curry for lunch- sorry about the smell! High in protein and full of flavour- fab!

The only issue I’ve had with these is that they seem to be insanely popular! In both the Waitrose and Morrisons near me, they sell out very quickly so it’s hard to get your hands on them. I’ve also told everyone at work how amazing they are, so after they had another brand’s lunch pots and moaned that mine looked nicer- I’m fearful there’s going to be a riot on our hands if they manage to get one and I don’t! Having said that- the more popular they are, the more likely they’ll be to stay on our shelves- everyone hates a discontinued product, which unfortunately happens really regularly with free-from products.

I’d definably recommend these if you can get your hands on them- but if you see me running up the supermarket aisle towards the free-from section- please don’t take the last one!

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