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An Easter Treat | Dairy Free & Gluten Free

by Laura

I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed a few days ago, pausing to watch a Racoon eating and a bear/dog running around the garden (swoon) when I came across a video by Delish showing how to make carrot patch brownies and decided to give it a go- adapting it to be dairy and gluten free.

I made the brownies using my trusty Delicious Alchemy brownie mix that I’ve spoken about before- the best brownies I’ve had that are both dairy and gluten free and come out perfect every time. Once these had been baked in a square tin and left to cool, I transferred it from the pan to a square wooden board (ironically I think this is actually a cheese board…)

Once on here, I melted a bar of chocolate from Sainsbury’s – their ‘Sainsbury’s Deliciously FreeFrom Milk Choc Bar’- they’re seriously killing the game with their new free from ranges- the big bars are perfect for eating as a bar or if you’re baking, it melts really well and when it sets on top of the brownie really finishes it off well. I’ve missed it when you bite into a chocolate cake and the chocolate on top makes a delicious ‘snap’ when you bite into it- this gave me the same sense of satisfaction so I’d definitely recommend coupling the brownie with the melted chocolate.

Before the chocolate sets, I crumbled on some Enjoy Life ‘Dark Crunchy Cookies with Chocolate Chips’ in a thick layer and left this all to set. In the video they used Oreos so you could pretty much use any dark biscuit here depending on if you have a favourite or not- I know Schar Gluten Free do Oreos which are meant to be really good but are only GF and contain milk so I stuck to the Enjoy Life cookies.

I then melted some white chocolate from a Sainsbury’s easter egg- it worked really well sticking to the strawberry- if not, the video recommends adding some coconut oil to the melted chocolate but because the Easter egg has oil in to ensure it could be shaped into the egg mould it doesn’t need this and sticks to the strawberry really well. Drop some orange food colouring in the chocolate and give it a good stir before dipping your strawberries in- this is easier if you put the strawberries on sticks before you dip them!

At this point, put the strawberries in the fridge for 15 minutes before ‘planting’ them in your carrot patch- I then put some more biscuits around the bottom of the carrots to make them look like they looked slightly more planted! I then decorated with some of my jelly eggs from Marks & Spencer’s and a Peter Rabbit- only right since he would have been burrowing in Mr McGregor’s garden!

These are a slightly more fun way to have brownies and make them more Easter theme- I can’t wait to try make them again!

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