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Hello… It’s me.

by Laura

I’ve sat down to write this post quite a few times now and found it hard because I didn’t really know why I got so out of my blogging groove. It’s only been in the last week or so that I actually realised why it was. As someone that finds anything other than total honesty hard, I wasn’t able to sit and write a perky blog about how much I was loving being dairy and gluten free when in all honesty, I was finding it all a bit much and a bit frustrating. After going to one too many restaurants and being ill because they’d not listened or understood allergies, checking ingredients on wrappers and being paranoid about all food became kind of a lot to deal with and I stopped wanting to write about it when it was something I just wasn’t enjoying.

I feel I need to insert a disclaimer here and say I’m aware there’s worse things to deal with or live with, and for those that are surfing the net wanting someone to have the same symptoms of you because you’re frustrated at doctors who can’t give you an answer – I feel you. I’m aware in reality that I’m lucky that I’ve finally figured out, after years, what’s wrong with me. But it doesn’t change the fact that I went through a phase of being constantly glutened – and not to sound like a victim or a drama queen but it wasn’t through fault of my own. I’d go to a vegan cafe and something definitely wasn’t vegan because I was ill. Someone cut bread on the work surface when they stayed over and I was ill the next day. The waitress processed the order wrong and hadn’t told the kitchen I’d requested time and time again I’d ordered GF, DF.

So I lost the blogging bug. It wasn’t that I wasn’t finding new products – the free-from market right now is killing it and those that have lived with allergies far longer than I have must be rejoicing, but it still wasn’t enough for me. I got so annoyed when people would say, ‘you’re dairy and gluten free? Your life sucks, what do you even eat?’ I think I was aggravated because no one (apart from family and friends of course, who have never been anything less than fabulous) seemed to even try to understand what allergies are.

Cross contamination means little to nothing to some places and the last straw came when I ate at a restaurant and ended up goings straight home, running through the front door to vomit. My dad, finding me laid on the bathroom floor in agony, called the restaurant just to explain that next time, they really needed to be more careful, to which they replied that whilst yes, they do offer and advertise dairy free and vegan cheese and yes they do offer gluten free pizza bases, no they don’t cater for allergies and next time, I shouldn’t eat at their restaurant. Thanks pals. It’s frustrating because if I know I can’t eat something at a restaurant, I won’t weep and wail – I’ll literally just not eat there – no biggie. But if a restaurant is actively offering these free-from foods, they should actually be free-from. Shocking to some, I know.

So, if you’ve got this far, I’d like to inform you I’ve stopped my whining and got on with it. It’s not gonna change so I’ve got to change my mindset about it. As I said, there’s some kickass new products out we can all enjoy, and though people laugh at the fact it’s becoming ‘hipster’ to become gluten free, for whatever reason, free-from products are becoming more readily available. Restaurants and their allergy menus are stepping up to the plate and though not everyone will understand, I’m back in a good mindset about it. I went on holiday to America – a trip I’ll write another post on about treats I found along the way. I was wierdly anxious about this trip, probably because of the reasons listed. No one wants to go on their holiday and be ill, so eating abroad where you’re out of your comfort zone and routine at home is daunting, but I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again – I don’t ever want to let any allergy get in the way of living and having fun.

To summarise: I’m back. I’ve got a new approach to the whole thing, poking my head out of the duvet I’ve been hiding under refusing to eat food out of my comfort zone and guess what – I’ve found some incredible items. I’ve got quite a few posts to write but I’m feeling good about the whole thing. The redesign is part of me putting a pin in the old way of thinking and starting fresh. All my reviews will still be 100% honest, I’ll still try my best to post as often as I can and if you can’t find me here, I’m usually hanging out on social media: Twitter and Instagram, so come say hi to me over there!

Cheers to a new leaf and a more positive attitude now I’ve got my many feelings out there about the whole thing, I just wanted to explain myself before I went on to write more. I preferred to acknowledge it’s not always easy over in our little free-from world. I’m sure if you’re part of it you’ll understand.
Anyway – see you soon. Mustn’t grumble.

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