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Dairy Free, Coeliac Travel Guide | London

by Laura

Whenever I go down to London to see my pals, the itinerary always becomes filled with mainly one thing – food. Free from seems so much easier in London that I joke it’s the one reason I’d ever make the move down to the big smoke – though London’s way too busy for this Northern gal so I think I’ll just stick to my weekend trips.

So where did we go and what did we eat?

The ‘another batter’ is vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free as they use organic rice & buckwheat flour, soy milk and cider vinegar. I got the vegan breakfast with this which was smashed avo, roasted pepper, cherry tomatoes, garbanzo bean salsa and mushroom. After whining that Londoners are way too hipster and should just call them baked beans, once the meal came I stopped moaning and tucked right in as it was super delicious. The pancakes were fluffy and light which is hard for GF and vegan and since avo is my favourite ever, I was a happy little bean. Highly highly recommend going to get this breakfast – there’s lots of toppings you could get that are free from.




If you’re also obsessed with jazzy gym leggings, you’ll probably have my love of Sweaty Betty leggings. Since my bez Caroline also loves pricy leggings, off we went to the new Sweaty Betty store, stopping upstairs for a bite to eat at Farm Girl. I’ve wanted to go here for a while, there’s one on Portobello Road but we’d never quite made it. All of their smoothie bowls are dairy and gluten free and all their salads are – with many being vegan and dairy free. I did a ‘build your own’ and got lots for my money – there was loads of rice underneath, leaves and avo (obvs) then some salmon and pomegranate.

Thanks for getting your glutenous croissant in the background Caroline…

Yorica is one of my favourite haunts in London for free from. I’ve mentioned before that they’re my fave – everything is free from dairy, egg, nut and are gluten free and are vegan to boot. Honestly I really wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. This trip I got a shake – topped with some coconut whipped cream. I got ‘good vibes vanilla’ and PeaNOT Butter (which does contain soy) and they were a really good combination I’d definitely recommend. Love places that’ve no chance of dreaded cross contamination!


We’d planned to go to Leggero in Soho after we’d been to the Backyard Cinema in Mercato Metropolitano, a little Beauty and the Beast in the Miami themed theatre. My beedy eye saw the ‘free from corner’ and couldn’t resist a little photo opportunity – randomly then saw it was actually a stall here for Leggero – what are the chances! Since we’d booked anyway and agreed to meet a friend here, we still went to the one in Soho anyway but it’s worth noting that if you want to go to a big food court style place and your friends aren’t free-from then you could go here and each get what you want to get from various stalls. I say stalls and food court but it’s all quite swanky and hipster here and it’s a really cool environment, would love to go back!

The Leggero in Soho I’ve seen quite a few bloggers talking about and I needed to go and try it for myself! Now it’s a completely gluten free restaurant so taking two non-gluten-free-friends is always a little scary just incase it really does taste gluten free. Luckily, I was saved from innocently smiling as the food was amazing – we started with warm rolls and oil – note we shared two between us and should have gotten one portion each!

After quite the debate over what sorghum is, I ordered the handmade sorghum and hemp basil tagliatelle served with almond flakes, pesto and tomatoes. So flavoursome and delicious, the pasta I actually thought tasted like something you’d get in Italy and it didn’t taste like some gluten free pastas which almost clump together and are super dense.



Told you all we did was eat. I’ve always been partial to an afternoon tea as really, who doesn’t want a treat between their other meals! After research, we saw the Bluebird offered a dairy and gluten free afternoon tea and so we let them know when we booked. I must admit I was a little worried they’d have forgotten and I’d have ended up with no sweet treats but we arrived and they popped this beauty down in front of me – with no prompting and a little note to differentiate it from the rest as overall we had more or less the same looking thing! Also worth a note one of my friends ordered a vegetarian one and she said hers was delicious too! (Nothing like a billion dietary requirements in one friendship group right!)

The little scones at the bottom weren’t my favourite I must admit but everything apart from that was absolutely amazing! The cake roly poly was so light and fluffy. In the pot we had pineapple – thinly shredded as Londoners are fancy.

You can see below the differences between our afternoon tea – Margot’s and Caroline’s were both on one so they had only a few extra bits – but as a free-fromer I’ve learnt from experience and trust me that’s good!

This little guy was my fave – a rhubarb cake, I’ve never actually liked rhubarb before but it’s different when it’s in a cake okay?

Great service here with allergies they made it entirely fuss free and the cakes were yummy – the sandwiches were nice too but really who goes for the sandwiches?!



And there you have it! I rolled myself back to Leeds and back to my normal foods! I’ve not been very consistent posting on my blog lately – but I really do like sharing my foodie adventures so I really do plan to get back into it, if you want to follow my food where I post (usually) daily, make sure to check out my Instagram! 


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