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Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs Made Dairy Free

by Laura

I’m gonna start this one off by admitting what a huge Harry Potter geek I am. I was amongst the kids that had it the best, growing up with the excitement of the promises of new books and the films had yet to all be released. There was one time we were on holiday at Disney World Florida and the second to last book had come out on our last day so my brother and I just HAD to have that book before we got on the plane home – after all, we couldn’t wait until a whole flight home – so long story short, basically we were ridiculously close to missing the flight because of it; oops.

By the time ‘merch’ really started coming out, and things like chocolate frogs were widely available, I was already dairy free and not able to have one. When I was at Harry Potter World in Universal Florida last Summer I brought my brother a chocolate frog back and was super jealous of him. For my birthday, he brought me a chocolate frog making kit from ‘The Shop That Must Not Be Named’ in York and brought everything to the table – literally could he know me better?!

Making chocolate frog making kit made sure that I could make it with any chocolate I wanted, so I used Tesco’s own brand dairy free chocolate as that’s my favourite and I think it melts the best. When I melt dairy free chocolate, I always add in a tea spoon of coconut oil as it melts better and makes sure it doesn’t immediately harden again.

All you have to do for this is melt the choc and pour it into the mould using a tea spoon and make sure the chocolate is in all the grooves of the froggy mould so you don’t miss any of his toes off! (Googles do frogs have toes…)

Whilst the chocolate is setting in the fridge, make the boxes by cutting round the template, fold down the lines and then you need to stick all of the tabs into the other sides – I used photo mounts from Paperchase which are double sided and mean there’s no sellotape ruining them! Then take out the set chocolate and pop them out of the chocolate mould and put them in the box. Then, resist them until you can resist no more and enjoy!

YAY to not missing out on things just because we’re dairy free! Even if you’re not dairy free, it’s still a fun activity, but with dairy free you can experiment and try different chocolate! I plan to make these again but put a layer of chocolate, set it, then put a layer of peanut butter, then another layer of chocolate – dreamy peanut butter cups are always my favourite and if they’re Harry Potter themed, they can’t get much better than that!




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