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Dairy Free, Gluten Free Eats and Treats in Whitby

by Laura

Since I was a small human bean, I’ve been ALL about the seaside. Call me Moana (please) but there’s nothing like frolicking down the beach, paddling in the waves and then ending up in the chippy. Since *apparently* I’m now too big to go on the donkey rides, I’ve instead settled and turned my attention to the food. 

Whitby’s my favourite Yorkshire seaside town and we managed to escape there for the weekend a few weeks ago. I’ve been a few times now to build up my favourite foodie spots around town for dairy and gluten free meals and treats – let me tell you, there’s some gooduns.

For the piece de la resistance; fish and chips. I’d probably go so far as to drive the two hours to Whibty just go go to Robertson’s (I’m typing this as if I haven’t done exactly this with my dad…) Gluten free fish and chips – with onion rings too! The batter is light but crispy and the fish delicious and white. The chips fluffy, the onion rings battered – yes battered – and all in their own gluten free fryer – wonderful. 

Just to add to my dietary requirements, to the delight of everyone around me, I also don’t eat red meat or pork so I’m not a fan of our Yorkshire tradition of frying in beef dripping, so I was glad to learn that as well as being DF/GF, Robertsons also cook in “100% sustainable palm oil” – one of the only places in Whitby to do so – worth noting just incase for whatever reason you’re also looking for this!

Word from the wise on this one; don’t wear your brand new skinny jeans with absolutely no stretch when you’re planning to consume this feast!

Penny Clare is the cutest tearoom and furniture/gift shop all in a converted barn in tranquil Newholm, Whitby. Hats off to Grandma for discovering this place and insisting we go there on our next trip, which we did and loved. With a full dairy and gluten free menu – both together means no cross referencing hallelujah! One of the owners is dairy free and I believe their mum or friend is gluten free so they combined the two, taking care to avoid cross contamination, even taking special care to bake all free from items before completely wiping down to create the non-free-from foods! 

You can imagine my hungry little face when I saw the giant chocolate cake this slice was cut from but I was a functioning member of society and therefore ordered the vegetable dairy and gluten free lasagna first. I’m so glad I did as it was honestly so delicious – pasta cooked to perfection and heavy on the tomatoes and peppers; perfect. Now, let’s talk desert – tempted though I was at the ice cream, I was taken to the deserts fridge and my inner Bruce Bogtrotter came out, ordering the chocolate cake despite being totally and utterly full. I managed half before I took the other half home to eat in bed later that night with an episode of Peaky Blinders on Netflix that I was watching for the third time; Tommy Shelby and chocolate cake are a fahhhbulous combination let me tell you. 

I couldn’t recommend Penny Clare more; friendly staff who made ordering super easy, a range of options all of which sounded delicious and – AND – dairy and gluten free chocolate cake (just in case I didn’t mention enough.)

Below the Abbey in the lanes, there’s Sandgate Sweet Shop which has all the dairy and gluten free sweets marked up – along with the vegetarian sweets. There’s so many options, especially with sweets you might not have assumed would be free from – lots of flavours of bon bons which I love, spogs (bobbly ones from Licourice all sorts who knew they were called spots?!) and loads more. The fact they’re all labelled makes you feel comfortable ordering and takes the stress out of asking them to check every label on every sweet you want. I love going here to fill up my little tin of sweets to keep on my shelf at home, I tell myself that they’ll be my little sweet stash to last a while but then I walk down the beach and with a level of zero on the self restraint scale, I shove one after another in my mouth until the bag is empty and we have to go back and re-buy the next day (oops.)

On Sandsend Beach, there’s the Sandside Cafe which has stunning views of the beach and sea. I had a jacket potato and salad when we’d just finished our walk on the beach since enjoying oneself is hungry work. Would recommend during the Summer especially since you can sit outside on the patio, protected by glass walls to keep the breeze off, though I’ve been in the colder months and sat inside with a coffee watching the waves which was also great. Staff are great here – though it was just a jacket p, it’s still good to know you can order with confidence. 

Also worth a note, on the way back home we drove past the Goathland Railway Station where you might recognise the bridge from Harry Potter Hogsmeade Station scenes. My dad took a sudden interest in watching steam trains and I took an interest in the cafe where they had these GF DF millionaire shortbreads from Whisk & Pinny (also egg free and vegan) I’ve had it before so knew I liked it, so the price tag wasn’t off-putting, but thought it was worth a mention incase you saw it and wasn’t sure whether to try since it’s admittedly quite expensive for one slice. 

So there you have it – a few of my favourite places for dairy and gluten free eats and treats in Whitby. There’s lots more (the CO-OP there has the best free from section I’ve seen in any other CO-OP) so let me know your favourite finds for when I next go! 

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