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Dairy and Gluten Free in York

by Laura

Hopefully, you’ve been keeping up with my Instagram where you can find me posting my meals and adventures, so go find me over there if you haven’t as it’s where I seem to be most often, I’m aware I’ve neglected my blog lately but life’s busy and I’ve been planning a redesign for a while. Now I’ve managed to complete that redesign I’m much happier with the ol’ blog and will hopefully be posting more regularly. 

Recently, I took a day trip with my gal pal Caroline and found some incredible dairy and gluten free treats to share with you – including chocolate spread pancakes. Dream. I admit this trip was a few weeks ago now, but in between my blog redesign and developing a random obsession with Hugh Grant films from the 90s, I haven’t had the time to write about it properly due to this. But anyway, on with my free from guide to York. 

…I just hope I don’t start typing ‘um’ every few words a’la Hugh.

Double Dutch Pancake House

Now, York isn’t actually too far from my native Leeds so it’s hard to believe I’ve not found The Pancake House before but I was soon shown the light by Caroline and soon found myself at my first food stop of the day – my stupid stomach can make me gluten and dairy free but it cannot make me stop wanting chocolate pancakes with every fibre of my being. So, since I find savoury pancakes completely irrelevant, I went for the “Vegan Go Nuts” pancakes off the specials menu. There’s a disclaimer on the menu that all pancakes can be made gluten free or vegan so I was happy to combine the two. This was served with a nutty chocolate spread, swedish glace ice-cream and the cutest strawberry mouse I ever did see. With a very light pancake and the most delicious chocolate spread (like so good I sat and questioned how it was dairy free) you definitely need to make this a destination on any free from tour of York – we went for brunch and it seems really popular so would recommend booking.

Fudge Kitchen

For me, the dairy free fudge has always been less than tasty. Dry and tasteless, the poor attempt at it makes me wish I’d not bothered at all (and makes me miss normal fudge more than before I’d got excited for fudge) however – upon Googling before we went to York, I found the Fudge Kitchen and it did look too good to pass by when I saw they did quite a few DF and GF fudge flavours. Now, I got a little carried away and the guy in the shop was very understanding of how excited I was (imagine Tigger’s bouncing around happy and times that by Pooh Bear’s love for honey and you’re round about there.) I tried a few flavours – all insane and with multiple locations you might be able to find one near you. I bought two pieces of fudge that unfortunately barely lasted the weekend – damn my poor willpower. Flavour wise, I went Sea Salted Caramel and Chocolate Classic. The salted caramel was 100% my favourite, it’s creamy yet chewy and sticky and omg I’m going to have to drive to York just for another slice (and maybe some pancakes.)

2 Oxford Place

2 Oxford Place used to reside in Leeds before moving to York (2 Oxford Place is still in the same place in Leeds but is now called The Oxford Place) so we couldn’t finish a trip to York without visiting. As you might be able to get from the vibe of this blog, our day trip did totally revolve around our next meal, so after hitting the shops and having a wander round the Shambles, we were worn out and glad to have a portion of fish and chips. An entirely gluten free restaurant, it’s a great reassurance and the fish and chips were great. I must mention though incase you’ve been here in Leeds before it relocated that I did really prefer the menu in Leeds – though I rang in advance to book and ask about DF, once we were there, the staff said there wasn’t much that was actually dairy free which was disappointing since the DF menu in Leeds was a strong one and they said on the phone there was lots of choice – so maybe we just got our wires crossed on the night and the waitress just wasn’t quite sure. Lets hope so because we had a really lovely meal sat outside in the garden on one of the last warm evenings we’ll probably have this year!

York was a mega hit in terms of it’s offering for free from. There’s so many other places that I found too that would have been perfect but our skinny jeans just wouldn’t allow us to eat another bite – note to self to wear a loose dress next time to allow for food baby. I can’t wait to go back to York next time and try some more places, though I’d still be tempted to do it all over again and go back to get pancakes and fudge!

Plus – we had to pull in on the drive home for a frolick in this stunning sun set!

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