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A Rebrand – Welcome Back.

by Laura

So hi, hello, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. My bad. Like all things that I never get round to, I did have all of the best intentions. I even rebuilt my website (much to the delight of my best friend who dealt with texts of me having a Disney Princess level meltdown that I’d made a mess of EVERYTHING.) But, oopsy, my momentum lasted around two and a half minutes. The reasoning was pretty simple; I was super bored of being free from and feeling rather limited by it. The smiles on Instagram of all the bloggers super excited about their cooking just wasn’t how I was feeling about it anymore and I wanted a little break. It’s not to say I ever broke and ate something I wasn’t meant to – it’s not something I’d be wild enough to do as the consequences, between you and I dear reader, are not worth it. 


You can read below about my word vomit thoughts on it all. But, I’ll summarise it here incase you don’t have the time for my every thought – though if you do read on, I request you do so imagining me playing the world’s smallest violin whilst I tell the not-so tragic tale of my free from life. 

I digress; basically, I’ve rebranded. I now go by the name of Laura’s Digest (online only; not by deed poll) to be representative of both the fact I can digest literally nothing and also because I will be keeping up with free-from news and sharing my adventures with you wherever I find myself (aka: a digest.) From the kitchen cupboard to travels abroad; I’ll be posting my gluten and dairy free foodie finds. 


The fact is, free from life – whatever you may be free from (in my case, gluten and dairy) it’s not so easy. It’s not to say that there’s not much more on the market right now and it wasn’t even that I stopped enjoying sharing what I found. But. (and it’s quite a big but – full stop and all for added drama) I found myself getting super down about having to be free from. I could feel it creeping in around October and It was like one of those videos where you see poison seeping through water – once it started, I just couldn’t stop my negativity.


The thing is, Instagram and blogs are wonderful for getting information about new products and opinions on them. That’s why I started my Instagram, I was new to gluten free (I’ve been dairy free for 5 years and GF for 3 years in April) and admittedly was panic buying all the products on the market to try find my favourites. I thought; why not post the things I do like to try help others find them and not waste their time, money and effort too. I enjoyed posting and it meant I could chat to people that have the same or similar things wrong with their stomachs/ bowels as me.


The past few months however, the whole thing wore a little thin. I kept getting accidentally glutened due to one thing and another. I went on a few weekend trips to Dublin and Paris and though I had a wonderful time, it seemed to highlight that I couldn’t just eat whatever I wanted. Gone were the days of me strolling the Paris, obnoxiously eating an entire baguette. Instead, life seemed like one huge filofax of allergen menus where I would sit and cross reference whilst wondering why restaurants are refusing to make it easier to just tell us what is in their food.


The thing is that I don’t think people can understand allergies if they’re without them (and even whilst I type this, I’m aware everything is in proportion; there’s worse things than eating a free from diet, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck sometimes.) But, it’s not a fad; I’ve not decided to simply diet or to limit myself to a gluten free diet because it’s the ”cool” and ”trendy” thing to do. I genuinely have to or it’s an absolute disaster. That’s the difference. That’s what people don’t get. They can go to dinner with me and pull a sympathetic face that I’ll brush off and laugh that I can only eat a salad a piece of fruit. But, it kinda sucks and I was bored of denying that. There’s no point telling me it’s crap that I can’t eat one thing or another – I already know it and it’s not going away anytime soon so I may as well suck it up.


As the legend Terry Wogan said, ”mustn’t grumble” and I won’t. I’ve rebranded and I’ve got a new attitude towards it. Laura’s Digest is the start to that. A mix of everything I’ve been and some new enthusiasm for finding what we can eat and enjoy. The free from life has never truly held me back and for that I’m glad, I still travel and I still eat out – just with a little more research than before.


Laura’s Digest is a total play on the fact I can digest bloody nothing. And that’s okay. I’m over my little tantrum and I’m back, ready to find delicious new things. The market is really growing and changing – and I’m excited to see what is will bring. The fact that 5 years ago I couldn’t find a free from birthday cake and now I’m buying one for all my family members birthdays so we can all enjoy cake (gee wizz I’m a delight) is a testament to that.

I assume it’s only my mum that’s still reading at this point, but if there’s anyone else then that’s wonderful news. I hope you’re onboard with my new digest – I can only assume I will be making lists of digest related jokes about bite size content and the such. I hope you’ll let me know in the comments if you’ve ever felt the free from blues and how you overcame them – plus, don’t forget to follow me over on Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with my latest finds. 

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